Let’s KonMari this class!

Let’s KonMari this class!

By: Justine Merriman

Judging by our classes’ interest in all things trending, I’m going to assume that the majority of you have heard about the book the Joy of Tidying Up. If not the book, then the author Marie Kondo and if not her then at least her hit Netflix show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”. Now whether you’re following what I just said or not, I’m going to try to explain her concept:

  1. Enter your messy (hoarding) area of stuff, whether clothes, memory boxes of photos, or just junk.
  2. Put everything related to the area and items you want to clean into a giant pile.
  3. Pick each and every item up and ask “DOES THIS BRING ME JOY”
  4. If the answer is anything but yes then it goes into a giveaway pile

Now why do I bring this up? Simple, because unlike most classes this one challenged us to start and maintain new healthy habits around engaging with social media and digital business. Now I was one of many of us who was excited about the class, but weary about my ability to execute tweets, blogs, etc…

For a chuckle let me remind you all of this gem: 

Because 3 months ago I was a passive twitter follower, who never tweeted and didn’t think through that hashtags could be searched (inset facepalm emoji here)!

So what will I keep from this class and what will I say “Thank you for helping me pass this class, but bye”?

The Yes:

  • Staying active on twitter: I loved being able to get my news and set follower lists to mainstream my viewing experience and enjoyment of the platform.
  • Ted Talks: In the past I’ve usually only watched Ted talks after friends or colleagues recommended it to me. However, in this class I have fallen down the YouTube-esque rabbit hole where after watching a good 15 minute chat I’ll follow onto the next recommended talk. JOY!

The No:

  • Blog posts: My experience has been similar to prepping for an interview each time, lots of stress leading up, converting into nervous energy as the idea takes off, and pure relief once I hit post. Sadly, I still am not 100% comfortable with sharing my every thought with strangers or classmates so this one is going to have to go.
  • Late night snacks: Now this is where the quintessential client comment that is said on each episode come in “but it made me so happy at the time”. Yes, I Ioved the idea of snack time, especially the sugar boost to keep us going through such a late class. However, as a life habit…. It may bring some joy but should probably go.


  1. dilillomelissa · ·

    What a fun post! This is such a relatable topic and I love how you incorporated it into what brings you joy from our semester in this class. I also love you revisiting your first tweet, because that seriously made me laugh! We’ve all clearly learned a lot. I’d have to agree that Twitter has a new found appreciation with me and I’d love to keep up the types of conversations we’ve had all semester. I’m glad you found so much joy in areas you didn’t think you could at first!

  2. debhan10 · ·

    I loved this post! Great way of incorporating Marie Kondo’s concept of ‘sparking joy’ to highlight your takeaways from the class. Your tweet was probably one of the best parts of this semester and gave me a good laugh! (But don’t worry, you weren’t alone cause I was equally as confused as you were.) I like your honesty in explaining your feelings and experiences with blogging for this class, because I can really relate to how stressful it was at times. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh, I forgot about this Tweet! It was pure gold, and you have definitely come a LONG way since then! I’ve enjoyed having you in the class!

  4. huang91j · ·

    I absolutely love the way you compared blog posts to that of the interview process! It’s ok to not be comfortable sharing every thought! I loved seeing your Tweets and you were one of the first Tweets I’d always see as soon as I opened up the app! I also enjoyed the Ted talks and I think I’ve watched more Ted talks in this one class than I have ever during my free time. So many videos, regardless of how old they were are still relevant in regards to technology in our lives today.

  5. cynmzfigueroa · ·

    Going through the process of KonMari with this class at the end of the semester is so clever. Especially because there are often times I think back to a course and it’s embarrassing that I can’t quite pinpoint what I got out of it. Taking the time to reflect and be intentional about the habits or knowledge I’ll take along moving forward I think is a practice I could use in the future.

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