Summer is Coming

Wow. I think we should all take a moment to bask in the glory of making it to the end of the semester. A feat that always deserves a pat on the back. And thanks to the weekly surveys (which I was always forgetting to do, and constantly losing the scrap paper I wrote my presenter notes on) we don’t even have a final to worry about. All us cool technology kidz are just a few tweets and comments away from the always weirdly teary last class goodbyes. As a senior taking her last few breaths of Boston College air, before the eminent death that is post-grad life, I’m feeling particularly emo. I apologize for the dramatics—graduating is not like death…it is much slower and last much longer. I kid, seriously I’m kidding! But it is the end of an era, so it is time to look back and reflect on how we’ve grown, then look forward to the future and where we will go!

And because I don’t know any of you far well enough to look back at the embarrassment that was me freshmen year, we will simply take a trip down memory lane to my first blog. What was I thinking in January, was I right, or was I right?

 Now if you don’t all remember the comedic gold that was my first blog, I’ll refresh you. I was the girl that took IS6621 twice! Well…not exactly. I originally signed up for the course in the fall, due to senior laziness dropped it the next day, and four months later signed up for it again. My blog recalls my initial thoughts in the fall, and then fast forwards to my thoughts about the first class in the spring. Main takeaways: the class is late, what is this weekly posting this man keeps talking about, undecided on the unconventional nature, the internet is scary, & cat memes = good content.

Let’s dissect these riveting arguments.

The class is late. I stand by this. It also feels later when it’s your first class of the day (oh hey did I mention I’m a senior). However, as you all know the chocolate bar is conveniently located, so my first-time-leaving-the-house-sweatpants-wearing-self was sporting a $5.38 iced vanilla latte on numerous occasions.

There was a lot of posting. However, we should all be ashamed that every single one of us made the same joke about not knowing when to post in the first blog. SHAME. SHAME. SHAME.

Unconventional to say the least. I don’t know if it was all the MBA students or the nature of the course, but this is one of the few classes I’ve felt that I was treated as an adult having an intellectual conversation. I loved the nature of the class discussions. I loved the use of what I have deemed “intellectual twitter.” And blogging has been a journey. I’m really proud of the content I have created in this class. I think my blogs were as informative as they were funny.

The internet is scary. Period. I was a little scared of the internet before, and now I’m terrified. Change my mind, you can’t.

Cat memes = good content, but GOT memes are everything to me.

But as I am forced to do every blog, let’s get serious for a second. This class has been a great experience. I feel like I have learned so much. From AI and Blockchain, the breath of the technology we have covered in the course has been ridiculous. I know certain topics (Blockchain, this is about Blockchain) I would have never sought out on my own to learn. While I still have more to learn, I feel more equipped to enter into this very important discussion our country is and will continue to have about technology.

This class has made me an excited pessimist. I think we are doomed. I think there is a day that is going to come, that a major chunk of population is going to be left in the dust due to the inequalities in education of technology. I think machines have, and will continue to take jobs away from real people. And I think it is sign of privilege to even be able to have this conversation. I’m someone who due to my background identifies with the “Bill’s” of the world, but my liberal arts education makes me a “Ted.” This privilege should not exist in vain, and hopefully we can work together to make this technological revolution a smoother journey.

However, I cannot help but be excited. There is so much technology being invented that is going to help such wide reaches of people. From diseases and disabilities, to fashion and the environment. You can’t help but feel as though we are all simultaneous on the break of greatness.

My roommates made fun of me for my homework. While they had assignments for projects on how to cure cancer or fix the justice system in the U.S., I had to tweet. But maybe if we came together, we could find better solutions to all our problems. And just as I have the tools and knowledge to use social media effectively, I’m taking a step back. I have accepted a position post-grad where I will be living without Wi-Fi and encouraged to really limit my use of social media, and instead enjoy the world around me. Think back to the days when kids road their bikes, instead of played angry birds on tablets. So for now a self proclaimed media consuming qween is signing off the internet for a while!

P.S. if the theme is not obvious…


  1. dilillomelissa · ·

    Thanks for the awesome reflection! First of all, I love your use of Game of Thrones memes. I’m also so glad you decided to take this class your final semester after signing up and then dropping it in the fall. I like that you point out that the Internet is a scary place, since this is something people are too naive about. But on that note, I also like that you recognize the opportunities that digital technology has to offer. I am also excited about the technologies to come.

  2. Love the humor and reflection tied throughout this entire blog post. My favorite point that you made was about how this class made you feel like an adult. I truly agree given the nature of the discussions that we had and the combination of undergrad and grad students. I can definitely relate to how your roommates made fun of you for having to tweet for class. I would be doing work with my roommate and she would scold me for getting distracted and being on Twitter but little did she know I had to be! I have loved you humor throughout this semester and you have done a great job mixing informative posts with funny undertones. Great wrap-up!

  3. merrimju · ·

    First off- super timely theme! Second, as a second year MBA, who survived 5 years in the “real world” before returning, let me assure you that it will be okay and even be more fun and exciting than college!
    As for the rest- I think we all were worried about the timing and different nature of this class and I too am glad that we were all able to communicate in open discourse! Really challenging the ideas of what should and should not fly in digital business.
    So stay positive! When all else fails- channel Arya!

  4. masonpeterman · ·

    Seems fitting to end the semester with a GOT theme, last night was wild, and I think it is really representative of the type of digital world we live in. Not only was this show an entertainment marvel, but it became such a widespread part of popular culture because of social media. While I share your fears of post-grad life, I for one am ready to depart from the constant assignments and school work. This class for me was refreshing and finally focused on most of the things I’m interested in and think about frequently. I think the diversity and creativity of all of the blog-posts and twitter assignments were able to teach me new things about what I want to concentrate my life on…technology. It’s such a rapidly changing and innovative space that has the power the provide such good to the world, but at the same time present some real issues that we need to confront as we progress. We’ve come so far already and the ability to reflect on the impact and future impact of these new and exciting technology advancements is something that’s really important as we become a part of this industry and societal future. We truly are lucky and I think it’s important that we recognize that fact. Not everyone has the same access to education and resources that allows this type of debate and and understanding. Thanks for all of your contributions this semester!

  5. cgriffith418 · ·

    I love your explanation of the “excited pessimist.” I think there’s definitely plenty be nervous, scared, even pessimistic about regarding social media and tech, but it’s important not to get too hung up on it. Like you said, I think the things we’re scared about can actually help guide us in figuring out to how to innovate more conscientiously. If we weren’t a little scared, it would be harder for us to recognize the improvements that need to me made. And, of course, tech is basically here to stay whether we like it or not. So rather than fighting it, we might as well be a part of the effort to make the best possible versions of it.

  6. debhan10 · ·

    Haha such a candid and funny blog, I love it! I like how you portrayed a before-and-after illustration of your thoughts on this class. I can totally relate to all things senioritis, so don’t worry you’re not alone! I agree with Caitlan, your explanation of the “excited pessimist” captures the complex, dual nature of digital tech. The first step in approaching the dark, scary side is definitely awareness and education. It’s crucial for us to be aware of what tech is capable of, and to educate ourselves on its potential consequences/impact on society. Nonetheless, I think there’s still a lot of worthwhile innovation to look forward to! Thanks for bringing so much life and humor into this class!

  7. Nice finale. Glad you stuck it out the second time! I agree that the class is late, but I couldn’t find a room at the 4:30 slot! In some ways, this class shines better in the later slot. Keeping students attention at 4:30 isn’t really that hard. 7:00 is another degree of difficulty (and snacks are usually better).

  8. shannonbenoit5 · ·

    Huge fan of the term “excited pessimist”. We have definitely spent a huge chunk of this class discussing the scary, creepy, at times downright terrifying aspects of the world that we’re living in and the technology that continues to develop, and I think it is so important to discuss and acknowledge all of the potential pitfalls and issues that inherently come with new tech. However, completely agree with your sentiment of also being excited, because there is also so much potential for good that we have discussed in this class as well. Loved the GOT memes, Arya is my hero (obviously).

  9. Loved the GoT memes, they’re scarily relatable to almost every situation one could find themselves in. I also had friends who made fun of me for saying I had to tweet for homework or write a blog about Youtube (your presentations was one of my faves by the way). We’re definitely moving into a scary new age of tech but I think we should be a little pessimistic to assure we don’t get completely over taken by it. The excited pessimist is the perfect way to describe it. I’m also sad about graduating but what do we say to the God of graduation? NOT TODAY.

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