I gave a presentation on an Egg

When I entered Boston College almost 4 years ago, I really did not envision the day that I would be known for a presentation I gave in my Social Media and Digital Business class on a stock photograph of an egg and the Kardashians.  Yet there I was taking 5 minutes of your lives discussing the potential revenue being generated from a stock photograph of an egg posted on Instagram. I am sure my parents would have been proud to see their first born son presenting on the Kardashians.  

Welcome to 2019 and the Technology Age.

The past semester has been one of self-discovery and gained perspective.  The discovery was the realization that technology is taking over the world we live in.  But, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. This class was great to realize that their are amazing applications of technology to our world.  From spotting sharks to using AI to predict construction accidents, the introduction of technology into our daily lives has made for rapid and wild innovation.  

Initially, I was a bit hesitant about Twitter, blogging, and commenting.  Would I be able to keep up? Did I actually have anything people wanted to read about?  Could I actually learn how to properly utilize twitter?

For the most part, I think I have succeeded at these.  The blogging is what really stands out to me. My first two blogs were probably sub par.  Yet, I realized after my second blog that I should actually do some investigative work. This opened my eyes to the whole issue of social media blackouts and the misuse of government influence on our internet presence.  I found it fairly rewarding to bring these issues to light in both the classroom and on the blog. The first step in fixing a problem is realizing and acknowledging you have one. With the awareness beginning about these issues, the first step is being taken for the fight against internet injustice.  

The class structure offered an amazing range of perspectives that I really benefited from.  That awkward disconnect between MBA and undergrad students actually added an element to the class.  This unique element lead to a wealth of knowledge and varying ideas about the different topics we engaged in.  We may be only a few years apart, but in terms of lifetime milestones we have a large difference. Those who have been in the workplace for a few years know the various applications that tech can become relevant.  For us undergraduates, we add an element of thinking we know what is the latest and greatest. This is a benefit to our MBA friends, but also a great way to compare notes to people actually in the workforce.

Adding on this, I really enjoyed the time management in class.  The idea of sticking to a schedule acted as a great guideline to the discussion, focusing us in a direction without cornering us.  This was amplified by the ability to keep the class on pace and moving. By creating certain time constraints to each different part of class, Professor Kane has created a “shot clock” for questions and discussions.  This is counter to most classes I have been in which conversations and discussions are forced even when students will not engage.

Going off of this, I was fascinated by the variety of topics of the blog posts.  This is a testament to my fellow classmates that found ways to keep the blogs both interesting and informative.  The variety of topics covered in this class is unmatched. Never have found myself switching from social media as the weapon of ISIS to the applications of AI for shark spotting.  

Finally, how could I forget Twitter – The Beautiful Oasis of Social Media.  I never thought Twitter could be used effectively to teach and learn. I was so wrong.  Twitter turned out to be the main source of breaking and innovation news for me throughout this class.  I learned how to properly and professionally utilize this social media platform. Additionally, I was able to discover the availability of a vast amount of knowledge on the platform.  

Thank you Twitter.

Luckily I took this class during my second semester of senior year as this class would have set the bar extremely hard for semesters to come.  An open concept classroom like this has been a great way to facilitate discussion. Our topics have been great and up to date. In this class, we really do teach and learn for the future.  No other class on Boston College has been so ahead of the curve and on top of the innovation like IS6621.

As we seniors enter the final stretch, I sign off for one last time.  

Twitter – I will probably be back

WordPress – You’re a maybe

Canvas – I’m good without you


Aidan Durney

“That senior who presented about the egg”


  1. shannonbenoit5 · ·

    The class where you gave your egg presentation was actually the one class that I was out sick and I am high key very upset about it as I have heard many mentions of it (all good things of course), so thanks for the brief recap. I thought it was great that you came up with a theme for your final few blog posts and that you chose to research and discuss such serious and important issues, I really enjoyed reading about them. My highlights of the class also included the wide range of perspectives and the wide range of topics of the blog posts, I think they both added so much to the class and why the experience was so unique.

  2. Awesome final post, Aidan! I’m glad you touched on some of the topics that were definitely relevant, but that I hadn’t really considered. I laughed out loud at the “awkward MBA-undergraduate gap” because it’s definitely a big part of the class, but I hadn’t realized it. And then there’s the shot clock, with students wanting to get in one final word on a particular topic before we switched gears. That’s rare to have in a class. Great post. I really enjoyed being in class with you all semester. You always brought an interesting perspective to the conversation, and I appreciate the fact that you never talked just to talk–you always had something to say.

  3. taylorfq6 · ·

    Your post really resonated with me! Especially the piece about Prof. Kane creating a “shot clock”. It was great to have the class move along so we could cover the breadth of topics that we did, but not force conversation where it wasn’t resonating with the students. This class was above all others in this regard. In addition, I couldn’t agree more about the mix of Undergrads and MBA’s – it added a ton of beneficial perspectives to the conversation and kept the whole class engaging and interesting. Great work all semester, and I loved hearing your analysis of the egg!

  4. Olivia Crowley · ·

    I loved how you included a commentary on not only your own presentation, but a number of presentations from our peers. A reflection on the wide array of topics that were presented on throughout the semester is a great way to summarize how unique ISYS6621 has truly been. Additionally, I remember reading your second two blog posts, both of which included some investigative work, and I appreciate the issues you brought to light for myself and the rest of the class. Finally, I also felt the awkward disconnect between MBA and undergrad students, but agree that it actually added a positive element to the course as a whole.

  5. I like the shot clock analogy! And your experience on blogposts is very common. I almost don’t want to read blogs before midterm, because I know that they usually get SO much better in the second half. The whole experience definitely builds on itself over time.

  6. Loved your post! I mentioned in my blog how our class, compared to my others, moved at the speed of light and there wasn’t a second of silence somehow in the 3 hours we were there. this completely drove the class for me and I’m glad other people felt the same way. Awesome that you found a new subject of interest for your final few blog posts and I hope you keep up with it after the class!

  7. merrimju · ·

    Your presentation was great and sadly yes truly represents where the world is focused when it comes to social media. As you mention the first step is to recognize there is in fact an issue and I think it will be interesting to see when the social media overload will peak and turn into a recession. As for your goodbye to canvas, I think all of us MBA or Seniors will be happy if we never use it again!

  8. matturally · ·

    Wow… nobody has done it yet. I guess I’ll have to.

    Your presentation was Eggcellent!

    Now that that’s out of the way; I hadn’t thought much about the undergrad MBA mix, but I think it did add an interesting dynamic in there. I never would have thought to do a presentation on an Instagram phenomenon, but it definitely gave me some things to think about (i.e. people want to be a part of something bigger even if it is just liking an egg photo).

  9. masonpeterman · ·

    I completely echo everything you said! Let me say that I think the egg presentation was one of the most creative and I thought it was hilarious. ^ Pissed Matt got to the “Eggcellent”
    pun first, but I digress. I also really enjoyed the mix of graduate and undergrad students not just for the laughs about each group’s different perspectives, but the different experiences that were brought to the table. I thought the class was awesome and I enjoyed reading your work throughout the semester. Thanks for sharing your ideas, great job!

  10. huang91j · ·

    HAHA, Canvas is definitely not the best platform. I loved the time and management analogy with the shot clock. I thought there was such good pacing throughout this semester and loved our discussion groups to hear from other classmates in a smaller setting. At the end of the day, the MBA and undergrad dynamic worked well and I think we both walk away with valuable skills regardless of what roles we get in the workplace moving forward. Thanks for the post!

  11. Out of all the presentations, I won’t lie, yours is the one I remember the most. Because it is so true that we are in a world so encompassed by social media that something as simple as an egg can turn the world upside down. I honestly don’t think I’m going to use wordpress or twitter anymore after this class. (Maybe a little twitter to look at GoT fan theories…) But definitely no more tweeting from me

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