Spring Expectations

In the winter of 2011 I was visiting my friend Spencer who was a junior at BC, we were having lunch at Eagle’s Deli. I was simply excited to get a burger but Spencer was ecstatic telling me about a new currency called Bitcoin. He was trying to explain to me how Bitcoin works and how “block chain” makes it all possible and how the currency is “mined” online by computers. I simply did not understand in the least bit what he was talking about. Fast forward a decade and I am hard pressed to find anyone who has not at least heard of Bitcoin. I missed out on the first twelve years of this emerging technology simply because I did not understand it. My expectation for this course is to get ahead of the technology curve going forward, and at a minimum understand new technologies. I would like to be able to understand what makes a technology explosive like Bitcoin or simply a bust like Google Glass.  

Another expectation I have in taking this class is to have a better understanding of how managers can use social media to effectively manage and promote their business. I am not a big fan of social media; I know there are a lot of benefits that comes from it however I believe it can also be a scary Pandora’s box. I am excited to step outside of my comfort zone and get more comfortable with social media, especially as a business tool. I am looking forward to the format of this which enables us to blog and interact outside of class. As a student in the part time program working full time, at times it can be unrealistic to come to class and be 100% engaged after a full day of work. I appreciate that this course is designed in a way that fills the gap and gives us the opportunity to be engaged outside of the classroom. I have heard that some of the most popular tweets come at the wee hours of the morning and I appreciate that students in this class are given that opportunity.

I am looking forward to every student having a voice that we get to hear especially more so than in a normal class. I am sure we have all seen class discussions get dominated by a few strong personalities making it hard for others to share. I appreciate getting to read blog posts from different students over the next few months allowing me to get multiple perspectives on issues. I enjoy that we will not always agree and I think that we can learn more when we disagree than just agree on every issue or topic.

I am fascinated by artificial intelligence and I am very interested to learn more about it and hear my peers teach me a thing or two about what is going on in that space. It was encouraging in the first class to hear Professor Kane say that AI isn’t as scary as a lot of us think. Every time I hear about AI I have a fear of the world turning into the movie The Terminator. Specifically, there is a scene where one of the main characters gets a call from one of the terminators and is able to identically mirror the voice of a loved one, that is very scary to me! When I heard Professor Kane say that AI can identify more objects than a human that did not surpass any of those anxieties.

By the end of this class I look forward to understanding emerging technologies, artificial intelligence and social media. I look forward to being able to use and implement them effectively as a manger. I look forward to hearing enough from my fellow students in the class that I am able to expand my network.


  1. conoreiremba · ·

    Hi Sam, if it helps make you feel better, I have also been to Eagle’s Deli and if someone was telling me the lotto numbers I think I would find it hard to concentrate, considering the quality of those burgers. But yes I also feel like I missed the boat a little on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. So many of my friends have a passing interest and I often feel like I am not prepared to offer to the conversation, so I am glad to know I am not the only one in the class who needs to explore a world where a dog is on the front of a coin.

  2. Scott Siegler · ·

    Hi Sam, This is a great post! I’ve been skeptical of social media as well and I’m looking forward to using this course as an opportunity for a trial run. Who knows, maybe we’ll want to keep tweeting after this semester ends.

  3. Sam, every now and then my husband tells me: I wish I had not missed the Bitcoin opportunity. I don’t even think people in Brazil were talking about it when it launched. I was young and in my freshman year, all I wanted was to socialize and experience college. Well, I guess we are having a second chance with Dogecoin?
    I also feel a lot like you about social media. I used to be crazy about it and now I just don’t use it. It still bugs my mind that “Influencer” became a career. But the future is now and hopefully, I will be a little more open to digital transformations!

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