And the Award Goes To…

I was surprised this week when I found out that The Academy Awards show took place last weekend. I could not believe that there were enough movies that came out in the past year to even have a real competition for the awards. The only new movie I saw in the past year was Tenet, which I would not recommend (which makes me sad because I generally love Christopher Nolan movies). Our Digital Transformation class was actually much more entertaining, and less confusing, than Tenet. In recapping my experience in Digital Transformation, I felt it would be worthwhile to hand out some awards to some of the best and most important aspects of this class.

Without further ado, the awards go to…:

Best Video – How AI Can Save Our Humanity

Of all the videos that I watched for class this semester, the TED talk with Kai-Fu Lee was the one that left me with the most upbeat feeling. Lee was very effective in using his personal example to show the differences between humans and AI. Lee was diagnosed with stage four cancer, which caused him to reevaluate his priorities and focus more on his family and showing love. He explained that AI has no appreciation or interpretation for love, which will always separate humans from computers. What AI can do is simplify or reduce the need for doing routine tasks that takes away time from humans to build and demonstrate those values that are most important to us. Lee emphasized that we can use AI to make our lives better by letting us focus on what is really important and what makes us the happiest.

Most Pleasant Surprise – Getting to Know People Inside and Outside of Class

I really enjoyed being able to interact with my fellow classmates this semester both inside and outside the classroom. In my time at BC, this class provided the most opportunities to connect and learn from the people around me. In other classes where there are small breakout groups, it is generally formatted to have the discussion focus on questions that need be reported back to. I liked how we were able to have open discussions that would take many twists and turns. I appreciated that same type of structure in our discussions overall as a class as well.

Twitter and the blogs provided more opportunities to connect with classmates outside of the 2.5 hours we would meet on Wednesdays. While it required work to comment and post tweets, it generally did not feel like a burden or requirement. Rather, it was another chance to learn from those around me. I think being able to connect with classmates virtually made the connections inside the classroom better as well.

Best Topic – Big Data and AI

The best topic award going to Big Data and AI should not be much of a surprise based on my appreciation for the Kai-Fu Lee video. Going into this class, AI was probably the topic that scared me most about digital transformation. It felt like every time I heard AI mentioned in the past it would be followed up with how the technology will disrupt and ruin jobs. While we have learned that it will disrupt jobs, it’s not likely to destroy industries the way I had thought it would. AI will serve as a supplement to make certain jobs more efficient and productive. AI will allow people to be freed up to take on more impactful and fulfilling work. While it is true that some jobs will be eliminated because their tasks are routine and simple, it is also true that more skilled workers will benefit and become more important in organizations because of AI.

Biggest Takeaway – Those Who Embrace Technological Change Will Thrive

The thing that I will remember most from this class is that disruption from technology will always happen, but the way people and companies react to that change will determine their success. Digital transformations and trends are a constantly evolving and developing part of our lives. One must be willing to adapt to and lead those transformations in order to stay competitive. Having a mindset that is eager to learn is crucial in this process. We covered many important and complicated topics in our class. It will take more than one class session to become highly knowledgeable in these areas. However, by taking this class and being exposed to digital trends, we have proved to already have the mentality that will be necessary to flourish in the next stages in our lives. I look forward to building on and expanding my learnings from this semester.


  1. ritellryan · ·

    I love the format of this and pretty much agree with everything you said. I thought I would like the blockchain class a lot more since I was taking the course, but honestly found myself enjoying the AI topic the most. I agree with the takeaway that those who embrace technological change will thrive…adapt or die!

  2. Andrae Allen · ·

    Academy Awards…yea. I’m always surprised when I read/hear that it happened. I think Tenet had a great premise. After seeing the trailer, I was sold, and quickly put the movie on my “Gotta see this list”. But I’m with you, it’s not a movie I would recommend. I think time travel movies in general are a difficult genre. “Those Who Embrace Technological Change Will Thrive” is similar to the statement that was provided in our course reading. This has been and always will be, the defining trait for countless leaders across industries and locations. It’s been great learning with you this semester have a great summer!

  3. Longbg · ·

    I felt like your assessment was spot on…Having the ability to talk to people and get in person real-time feedback was an essential outlet. It made me appreciate in-person discussion and dialogue more accurately. We all have a TLDR filter that will make a quick assumption/conclusion to an article and then move on. This class and the discussion format really gave us a way to see an issue from all sides and change the way we view and interpret the rapidly changing business world.

  4. alexcarey94 · ·

    I loved this format of post! I think it would be cool in class if we all did some sort of ranking system to see which classes were the most favorited. I agree I thought the AI class was intriguing and something I want to continue to learn more about. Another class I really enjoyed that I would rank highly on my list was the class where Becca Shaw came and talked about her career as a product manager. (Made me want to look into it more as a potential future path change). Also I second your most pleasant surprise x1000!!

  5. lisahersh · ·

    Very creative post!!! Usually, I get a little salty with the Oscars as the movies/actors I like NEVER win – but your selections are spot on! That AI video was brilliant. I had already thought of AI as a tool to improve efficiency but had never thought of it as freeing us up so we could spend more time on the things that give us joy and be with the people we love – the elements that ultimately make humans what we are. I think it’s this human element in technology that made the Twitter feed feel like a fun diversion rather than just homework. Being able to explore, learn about, and share with other areas of digital transformation we each have a personal interest in added so much diversity and life to the class’ content.

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