A few farewell NFTs for #ISYS8621

As our time together in this course comes to a close, there’s quite a lot from our discussions, readings & presentations that I will take with me.  When we started the #ISYS8621 journey a few months ago, I had reservations about my base level knowledge of technological advancements.  After all, I am a total excel junkie, and while I had a lot of appreciation for new technological advancements, I felt uncertain about my ability to fully understand their potential.  One of my favorite parts about this class is the safe space we created – a space to discuss and debate, speak freely, and most importantly, a space to ask questions.  There was quite a lot of content we went through this semester, and one of the funnier themes that kept popping up was NFTs, something I will always remember as a memory of this semester.  So as a tribute to one of our favorite topic areas, I’ve selected some #ISYS8621 NFT visuals in the form of memes, that align to my takeaways from the semester.

First off, having the opportunity to take this class as our community nears the end (*hopefully*) of the COVID-19 pandemic was an invaluable element of the course.  Because of the major changes that were occurring real time in the world as we knew it, we got the opportunity to dissect the impact of digital transformation on companies that otherwise would not have evolved.  This led to a whole ‘petri dish’ of content to explore and learn from.  My takeaways in this area are two-fold:

  • First, look to every situation of disruption as an opportunity to pivot & progress.  While COVID-19 was devastating from the onset, companies that looked at this as an opportunity to accelerate their business’ transformation often became the largest winners in their industry. 
  • Second, organizations that don’t make a move in a time of crisis, might never catch up.  We noted in class several times how the COVID has ‘changed the game’ so to speak for many industries.  Those that kept their business model and hope that the world will revert back to pre-covid times, will almost certainly have a harder time catching up to competition. 

Secondly, in this semester we covered a wide array of topic areas – everything from AI to blockchain, and many things in between.  While many of these discussions were loosely centered around a specific type of technology, often most of our discussion was focused on the impact of these new technologies.  How does the new tech impact consumer privacy? How does it impact regulation? (Answer: often, extremely slowly).  How do technological advancements impact the way I assess and acquire talent?  How can I lead a team amid disruption?  Through this course, one major takeaway for me, is that answers to each of these questions are anchored in mastering one’s mindset and approach to handling digital technology.  Tuning our mindset to take on changes in digital transformation is one of the most important skillsets I’ve learned this semester.  Understanding technology is important, but I think it’s equally (if not more) important to have a mindset which is prepared to learn new technology, remain agile, ask tough questions, and take risks.  That last one on ‘taking risks’ is perhaps the most uncomfortable for me, but also highly transformative.  We’ve learned that without risks, companies really can’t grow…so it’s important to take risks and learn from mistakes.

In closing, one of my favorite parts of the course was hearing from classmates about their interests, and how these interest areas were impacted by unexpected digital disruption.  Who knew that skincare was going virtual, or that digital twins is not just a selfie?  I was amazed to see the hand digital tech has had in the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, and I’m still a little scared of the future of drone deliveries.  I’m looking forward to going to a sporting event soon where I can see a Beacon in action; and scrolling Instagram has never been the same now that I’m aware of machine learning’s impact on influencer marketing.  Likewise, I really enjoyed the opportunity to research on technology’s impact on reducing food waste, a topic that I’m passionate about.  In summary, the final takeaway of this course is a reminder that digital disruption is everywhere, and yet it means something a little different to each of us.  This underscores the importance of remaining agile and having awareness of the impact new tech has on an industry, while not letting such knowledge hinder you from thinking outside the box and exploring the world of possibilities.

In closing, I’ve really enjoyed this course, and am wishing my classmates & Professor Kane all the best.  Maybe one of these ‘NFTs’ above will make it big, and one day be worth $69M (any takers!?). 


  1. conoreiremba · ·

    This is an awesome post to finish up Abigail, and thank you for sharing. I will place the first bid on the Toy Story NFT, I’ll scale down the Beeple reference price you gave though, how about $0.69? I think you hit the nail with regard to the space that this class created and for me, it has been excellent to just throw out some of our collective thoughts or things we see on Twitter so that we can talk through them and make sense of things together. Personally, I found it a very effective way to learn, especially given the point you mentioned about the fact we were all learning new things in real-time as the outside world was experiencing so much change. But I think our “safe space” allowed us to have more balanced and informed discussions. Thank you also for a very nice recap of the topics we covered as well as the different topics that our classmates brought through their presentations. It’s easy to forget just how much content we got through. Best of luck with everything in the future Abigail!

  2. A lot of what you mentioned resonated with me. I too think that one of the biggest takeaways from the class is that we have to have a mindset that is open to digital transformation. Learning new technology is possible with enough time and effort, but the ability to be open to growth and new concepts is just as important.

  3. therealerindee · ·

    Bonus points for creativity. I have a good feeling about this entire blog becoming an NFT. I really liked your take on how the underlying technologies we discussed are important, but the implementation and understanding of how the technology can affect all kinds of things is much more important. Really loved all of your thoughts and inputs during class discussions!

  4. Great summary of the course. I like the way you incorporated the majority of the topics we covered in this class into your blog. The way the NFT market has been going your price might be low.

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