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I have to say, coming into this class I knew I was going to enjoy it but I didn’t know that it would end up being one of my favorite classes of my MBA experience. This course has embodied a lot of the ideas that business school sells itself on, but typically the reality falls far short of the expectations. Looking back to my first post, I would say that without a doubt #ISYS8621 has assuaged my fears of robot takeover to a point where I don’t even register them anymore. So let’s dive into why my fears have left, the skies have cleared, and I’m on to brighter days.

Erin’s Takeaways:

  1. Good class discussion breathes life into me

Maybe it was being virtual for so long, the lack of communication and interaction with friends and loved ones, or the desire to hear more opinions than just my wife’s (she doesn’t read these, but I am still scared so no offense to my lovely wife) but our class discussions left me feeling rejuvenated and inspired. I was once again able to hear lots of different thoughts, opinions and experiences that I otherwise would have never known. I feel as if I learned more from people’s takes on app privacy than I did in most of my classes last semester. It was just always so cool to know that when I came to class not only would I get a rundown of current events and the class topic, but I would hear different takes on it.

2. COVID shook things up and lots of companies are not looking back

We talked about how much COVID affected companies and their digital strategies quite often in this class. My biggest takeaway from all of those discussions is that a lot of companies took a dive into the deep end to keep up with companies that had already been implementing and evolving a digital strategy and it seems like they aren’t going back to the before times. It was really cool to learn more about how companies pivoted and what the future looks like after those pivots.

3. AI + humans makes humans better

As I said before, I am no longer afraid of a robot takeover except for the Boston Dynamics robot dogs. The way they walk is creepy, and they will always terrify me. But other than that, our frequent discussion of AI applications and deep dive into why AI is here to help proved to me that humans are good at certain tasks and AI is good at certain tasks and when those 2 are put together humans are much more efficient and productive. I am super interested to see where this partnership goes, and how I will have to leverage it during my career.

Robot And Man Shaking Hands Stock Video - Download Video Clip Now - iStock
A vivid image of human-robot harmony

4. Companies and managers need to be consistently learning and growing, with the help of technology

Due to the rapid growth and expansion of technology, companies need to continuously be adapting and changing their digital strategy to remain competitive. As we saw with COVID and from our class readings, if a company does not have an established digital strategy in today’s world it gets left behind. As I move forward in my career, I will always keep this in the back of my mind to continue to push myself and seek out those teams and companies that ensure they are at the front of the pack in terms of technology rather than playing catch up.

5. Creepy/cool line applies to pretty much anything

The creepy/cool line drifts into my thoughts quite often, and it applies to so many things. I am glad I was introduced, and I will continue to apply it to pretty much everything I come across.

Creepy or cool?

6. Twitter is pretty great

I have really enjoyed tweeting and reading all of the articles attached to tweets. I have learned a ton and really feel like I have my finger on the pulse. Was it a huge time and attention suck? Absolutely! Will I keep using Twitter through my personal account? Of course. The replies and likes that have come out of tweeting for this class have been super entertaining and just show some of the positives of the Twitter community. From having an undergrad get in on my tweet about corporation’s social responsibility, to Cadillac liking my appreciation tweet about the new EV, to Shane getting roped into a strange blockchain wormhole, it has been a wild ride.

7. Professor Kane knows Luke Keuchly

Luke’s my all-time favorite player. I am now one-degree Luke Keuchly. Thank you, Professor Kane.

I am so glad I was able to wiggle my way into this class (thank god no one else has to suffer through the use of UIS), and I am really glad it closed out my time at BC. Thank you all, but especially William aka Travis Scott’s #1 fan.



  1. shaneriley88 · ·

    This blog is a roller coaster of good/great/hilarious and creepy (my weird blockchain followers) emotions, and I’m here for it all. We’ve binned our thoughts in a very similar fashion. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the group discourse, both digital and in person. The mix of classmate opinion, syllabus, and Technology Fallacy propelled a diverse group to an academic level that I felt, at times, we missed out on prior. Erin, thanks again for your stalwart support of the process. Great post, and Go Eags!

  2. Chuyong Liu · ·

    Totally agree this is one of my favorite class in my two year MBA experience! Erin, even we have been working in the same groups for other classes last semester and have been in the same section for our entire first year, I actually feel I know much more about you and feel more connected after this class! Your blog post and inspiring in-class discussion always stunned me. Thank you for the energy and fun!

    This is a great summary that I would in the future look back to review the class. Especially agree with the part that AI+human=better human performance. Before the class, it’s more like AI*Human=0. I also think this class is very valuable since every company is a tech company in these days and as a business major, we really should shift our focus to catch up with this trend.

  3. conoreiremba · ·

    A final blog befitting of the STONKS Queen! I think we were both a bit unsure about what to expect the first night we left class but I totally agree, it turned out to be one of my favorites for sure. I honestly think it was down to having such an engaging group and I have a much easier time learning things now given that I have a classmate’s views as a point of reference. I really do believe we got fortunate with the events of the outside world this semester as well, and maybe its just the fact that we were more “stitched on”, but it seems like so dam much happened in the last 16 weeks and it was a privileged to be able to discuss them all with such a great group.Thanks again helping to make the class what it was and I must insist that you continue to blog regardless, and under the handle of #StonksQueen.

  4. When I first played the opening song, I thought you were going to go all “Breakfast Club” on me.

    “You Wanna Know What I Did To Get In Here? Nothing… I Didn’t Have Anything Better To Do.” – Allison Reynolds


  5. williammooremba · ·

    Fantastic blog post Erin. I found in-person class discussions particularly from this class and my competitive strategy course to be really uplifting. I think this class likely helped improve my mood for the semester in and out of class. As someone who likes robots enough to major in them, I am glad your thoughts on them have improved. The Boston Dynamics robot dogs are terrifying though and your fear of them is justified. To go on a class reoccurring bit, they are in fact a Black Mirror episode. You really elevated the class and I’m grateful you were able to brave UIS to get in. Thank you and best of luck from Travis Scott’s #1 fan.

  6. lourdessanfeliu · ·

    What a great blog post! I agree with all your takeaways especially about how refreshing and welcoming the class discussion was and how AI + humans make humans better! I really enjoyed all the information and opinions you shared this semester. Have a good summer!

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