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I decided to take only three classes to have a relaxing final semester. But actually, all three courses this semester have a hefty workload. The first two weeks, I was a little lost. I was a little behind on what do I need to do each week. One of my biggest headaches is writing a blog. It is tough to think up topics and tell the story. I think I shaved off a lot of hair while writing blogs at night. I’m not very good at writing articles, even in Chinese. The whole process was significant and let me gradually get rid of the fear of writing. And I found fun in the entire process. I will continue to write my views on some fun news or technologies in this way even after the course is over.

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One of the things I look forward to most in every class is the discussion time on tweets, which exposes me to the latest news and topics. I didn’t have a Twitter account before this class. After I set up my new Twitter account, I found it is hard to find high-quality stores with digital transformation to follow. After all, I can’t retweet Elon Musk every week. From the beginning, I didn’t know where to find content; to the end, I have my preferences and focus on the topics I would like to share in class. My comment was answered by HireVue, which was also an exciting experience. I wonder how they can monitor and reply to my comments in such a short time when I even didn’t tag them.

We had a heated discussion about NFT. I started my learning journey about NFT from crypto kitties in Longbg’s blog. We have witnessed the record-breaking $69.3 million of NFT deals sold by the artist Mike Winkelmann, the Weeknd song and visual art release via NFT auction, and the entrance of tweets to the NFT market. It is interesting to witness the NFT craze and how Mark Cuban has gone big on NFTs such as CryptoSlam and his NFT gallery on lazy.com. And now the NFT prices are plummeting. I’m still skeptical about whether the NFT will stabilize or one day the bubble will burst.

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There is an interesting comment my friend shared with me. It is said that “Why is it that people still think it’s a hoax after Bitcoin has risen hundreds of times over the years? And Why is it that the housing market has gone up dozens of times, and everybody thinks it’s a bubble? But the stock market has been consistent for ten years, and many people think they can make a lot of money in the stock market.” Buffet called bitcoin “probably rat poison squared,” and Munger called it a “turd “at the 2018 meeting. Munger said that he hates the bitcoin success and thinks that the whole development is disgusting at the meeting this year. He added that It’s like someone else is trading turds, and you decide I can’t be left out. And my finance professor criticized Dogecoin as a joke without any value but stupid hope.

I had no idea about blockchain, and I don’t care about bitcoin at all before taking this course. As the cryptocurrency market gets hot, I see friends around me start investing in Bitcoin and Dogecoin. And I see one of my friends who have two bitcoins started looking at Lamborghini as he saw bitcoin’s price rising. I’ve been following Elon Musk’s tweets about Dogecoin and the market’s reaction to it this semester. Dogecoin went to the moon on April 15th by Elon Musk. And the Dogecoin declared April 20th “Doge Day and fans were hoping to see Dogecoin hit $1 on that day. But that didn’t happen that day, and it started to drop dramatically. Wall Street didn’t buy the hype and look at Dogecoin as more of a speculative play that when the bubble bursts, they think Dogecoin will not exist, and only ethereum and bitcoin will survive. This week Dogecoin’s price suddenly bounces back after Elon Musk’s ‘Dogefather’ SNL tweet.

What’s more, when I discuss my insights and understanding of Dogecoin and NFT with my friends, they are amazed at how much information I have. I am proud to have taken this course, which gives me a deeper understanding of emerging technology, business and future trends.

Anyway, the class is enjoyable, fun and cool.This has been a lot of fun throughout the semester.It has been a pleasure to get know everyone.Thanks to professor Kane.


  1. Jie Zhao · ·

    I can definitely relate to your struggles with writing blogs and tweeting at the beginning of the semester. For my first blog, it took me two days to come up with the topic, then another two days to do research and write about it. I’d imagine others had the same struggles but have gotten easier towards the end of the semester. I loved how the course allowed us to learn more about whatever digital topics we’re interested in and share our knowledge with each other. Congratulations on finishing your MBA and best of luck!!

  2. xiezo · ·

    Congrats on finishing the MBA and great job! I also finding struggling writing the last few blogs as I was trying to write an interesting topic that closely related to the class materials, which is beyond my expertise on the Cloud Service. However, after a dive deep research, I realized the purpose of the blog was not to tell a story but instead discuss the technology from different perspectives, and that indeed enriched my knowledge and help me convey the research and knowledge to the class.

  3. Scott Siegler · ·

    I enjoyed reading your blog articles throughout the semester, and I’ve also appreciated your use of memes on here as well as in Twitter and in your presentation. I feel similarly to you in that my friends are amazed at how much I know after taking this class. It was really great to be able to focus on all of the latest news and technology while simultaneously applying it to our careers.

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