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I am fortunate to take digital transformation in my last semester of the MBA program. Time flies and it’s time to move on although I hate to say goodbye. Digital transformation is one of the most interactive classes I have ever taken during my entire school life. I was told by Professor Kane that in this class, we are learning not only from the lecture but most of the time learning from peers. I was confused by such an innovative class, but now I get it and believe this is a great course structure for us to get the hands-on experience of learning materials.

One of my favorite parts of the class is the classmates’ presentations. The presentations provide us opportunities to dive deep to understand the foundation of the different technology, the various use cases built on the foundation to solve actual problems, the concerns of the technology, and the potential future of the technology adopted with depth and insights. Along with the presentations is the blog post. The blog post forces me to think differently about the technology I want to share with the class. Previously, I am more concerned about the technology itself, digging into the algorithms, theories, and coding areas, but now, my research’s focus has shifted to the business setting of the technology, which enriched my knowledge on the consumer and client-side. Twitter allows us to obtain the latest technology trends and discuss interesting topics during the class. Before I was passively feeding the technology news while I’m proactively searching for the technology news so that I’m one step ahead of others.

The second half of the class was talking about the book Technology Fallacy and the research Professor Kane did with MIT and Deloitte, with guest speakers from various industries. The lecture was helpful to explain the reasoning behind technology fallacy and technology transformation logically. I have learned what business decision-makers were thinking about technology and how it closely related to the companies themselves. I was impressed by the comparisons between companies’ adoption rates from different stages from beginning to maturing. As my family’s business is in the process of digital transformation, I understood how much pain it causes to successfully transform from a traditional company to a digitally enabled company. From the class, I learned how important to align strategic thinking to the decision-making for technology adoption and transformation.

Below are three main takeaways for me:

  1. The potential for blockchain is huge, the decentralized network reduces the agency cost generated during the transactions. With the appropriate laws and policies, blockchain benefits businesses more than it does to hurt business.
  2. Becoming a digital organization. It is the digital fallacy that caused the digital transformation. Businesses should align their strategy with technology and people is plays a more crucial role during transformation.
  3. Big Data and AI are changing the world. Both of which are the double-sided sword. Businesses should apply AI to appropriate sectors and parts of the business.

The takeaways and knowledge I gained from the class cannot be explained by just one blog, I believe in the future, the knowledge and skills I learned from this class will benefit me a lot.


  1. Chuyong Liu · ·

    Great summary, Lewis! First of all, love your coding fashion of the headline!

    I cannot agree with you more that the presentation and blog post together is a great way to deep dive into our interested area. I still remember your presentation about Amazon go which is so far the best explanation I have seen for the technology behind this new form of retail store.

    The potential for blockchain is also one of my biggest takeaways from this class. Before the class, I only see blockchain as the technology for creating bitcoins and thus just as an investment product. However, things have changed fast during our class time and I can now realize many applications for blockchain thanks to people’s great presentation. @conoreiremba

  2. sayoyamusa · ·

    Nice closing post and I like your title, Lewis! All your presentation and blogs were really helpful for me to understand the hard parts of technology and I really appreciate it. I know you have technical expertise as an engineer, but now that you’ve acquired the business acumen, you have become a perfect person! Congratulations! As my senior executive officer told me, the talent with both business and technical skills are becoming more and more required in the job market. I wish you the best with your future career! Let’s keep in touch!!

  3. changliu0601 · ·

    Great Post!You’ve helped me understand a lot about blockchain. I really enjoy going home and we dive into some of the topics we discussed in class.

  4. Scott Siegler · ·

    This is a nice reflection on the class that I can definitely relate to. I had a similar process of at first being confused by the structure of the class but then quickly seeing the immense value of setting up an environment where we are not just learning from the professor but also from each other. Thanks for your contributions this semester, your presentation was excellent.

  5. Divya Jha · ·

    Lewis, you will always be our inside man for all Amazon tech related news! From the moment you presented on how Amazon Go stores are here to change the way we look at grocery stores, you have always kept us updated with the business side of how emerging technologies are being used at companies. Thank you for your contribution to my learning in this class, I’m going to miss seeing the back of your trendy sweaters!

  6. Longbg · ·

    Great post! I agree there is a huge amount of potential with blockchain and the several applications that they can transform in the years to come!

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