Our digital transformation journey is just starting now

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Wow, time really flew by. As I reflect on this semester, it feels like the last few months flew by as if we just started off the semester: reading the syllabus, learning about this course’s untraditional learning format, and starting our digital transformation journey together. I think that this class especially felt like it went by extremely fast because it doesn’t feel like a class. Rather, it felt like a three-month-long discussion where we met weekly to talk about the latest tech events, listen to each other’s thoughts and perspectives, and learn about how we can bring what we learned from Professor Kane’s book to our career while we virtually connected throughout the week outside of class. Unlike most people in the class who are in the final chapter of their MBA program, I had only started my MBA journey last year. This is the second elective class I’ve taken – and I’m SO glad I did. Unlike the required courses and the first elective class I’ve taken, this class truly (and finally) felt like it was what I had signed for going into MBA – being in discussions with passionate and open-minded students from diverse backgrounds and bringing in different perspectives. As I remember our weekly class time, I feel like there was never a dull moment. Instead, it was always full of productive and interactive discussions. Like many others, this class was the first opportunity since COVID that I have a regularly scheduled in-person social interaction with other humans… and oh man, I miss it. When I decided to get my MBA at Boston College, a significant deciding factor was that most of the classes were in person. I much prefer in-person learning, so I was definitely bummed out when COVID hit, and we had to transition to virtual learning mid-way through my first semester. So, I was actually so excited when I found out that this course was only available in person. At the same time, I appreciate how the format of this course allowed us to interact so much virtually that even if we missed a class, we’re not missing out too much. 

Although this course is coming to an end, our digital transformation journey is not. In fact, it is just starting. Thinking back, the title of my first blog was “Excited and Ready to Learn,” which perhaps is even more applicable for this final blog for the semester. During our first class, I remember Professor Kane has said that the technologies we were about to talk about in this semester will probably be outdated very soon, but it’s the open-minded and continuous learning mindset of the importance of the impact of digital technologies that will walk away from this course. The hype around NFT, blockchain technology, fake news, self-driving cars may or may not be still relevant 20 or 50 years from now. But the digital transformation will not be going away. This course prepared us to continue having an open mind and be thinking about how the newest technology will impact the future. When I signed up for this course and read the name “Digital Transformation,” my first assumption was that I would be learning about the newest technologies and how they would transform our workplace. While that is part of the course, I feel it was more than that – it was about managing and adapting to changes from technologies, which are even more crucial in the long run. 

I had many “firsts” from taking this course: first-time tweeting, writing a blog, giving a solo presentation in MBA, learning about NFT, and many more. As for my Twitter account, I plan to continue using it to learn the newest events and trending technologies. I’ve learned so much about the latest technological trends compared to other social platforms. Also, my Twitter account’s algorithms are probably tailored to provide content on technology, so I might take advantage of it and use it as a medium to get the latest tech news.

Finally, congratulations to those who are graduating this semester (YOU DID IT!!). 

If you have any class recommendations that are nearly as comparable to this one – please let me know :) 


  1. sayoyamusa · ·

    I totally agree with you in every point you’ve raised here! Now I believe you don’t look at yourself like “how it really is” in your funny meme!
    Thank you for educating me about telematics in your great presentation! It’s a versatile technology but without you, I’d never known what it really is. It was a great pleasure to meet you even when we’re in different class of years, Jie. I’ll also keep opening my twitter, and I have my account on WeChat (thanks to my amazing Chinese friends,) so let’s keep in touch!!

  2. I do agree that this semester has flown by. I’m not sure whether it’s some weird Twitter time dilation or what, but it feels like we just got started (and I don’t always feel that way at the end of the semester).

  3. xiezo · ·

    Agree that the highly interactive class is only available in person. I’m glad that these are the only a few in-person classes I have in my second year MBA. As this is my last semester, this class did bring me “MBA mode” that everyone contributes their knowledge and skills in class, and everyone learns from each other! The in-person class setting enforces the learning experience in a way that we gain new information more efficiently!

  4. changliu0601 · ·

    I have the same idea that I will continue the tweets.Through this class, I realized the fun of Twitter. And I agree that in person class is much better than the virtual class. When i had the zoom class, my dog snored so loud that I could not even here the professor. I really enjoy how we discuss tweets in this class.It is a great pleasure to be classmates with you.

  5. olivia_levy8 · ·

    Great way to sum it up, and I definitely agree that a good class leaves you satisfied but also hungry and curious to learn more. I agree that after this class I will continue to leverage Twitter to stay up to date on tech news and beyond. One of my favorite thing about technologies is the evolving nature of it, always new innovation and more to learn. Hope you enjoy your summer, it was a pleasure to be in class with you this semester.

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