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This class showed me the bright side of Twitter. I used to have a personal Twitter but after every time I logged on, I felt worse about myself or the world than I did when I started scrolling. Previous to this class, I thought of Twitter as a place cluttered with fake news, trolls, and overall toxicity. And to be honest, all of those things are probably still out there; but this class showed me what Twitter can be for those that want to turn it into a positive platform. I was just talking to my dad the other night about how much I’ve learned from all of you and your tweets, as well as all of our dialogue between each other. First off, I really enjoyed our #ISYS8621 because of the topics. They were relevant, cutting edge topics about how the world is digitally transforming and gave me a new perspective on where the world is, as well as where it is heading. I had no idea how cool the world really is. From NFTs, to DogeCoin, to Elon Musk sending people to space, I learned just how innovative of a time we are living in, and I have a newfound appreciation for the possibility of making an impact in that world.

Just the other day, a fellow student posted about a wristband that harnesses our energy and turns it into reusable energy. My mind immediately shot to the scene in the Matrix, when Neo finds out the truth, and realizes that robots are harnessing humans in pods as energy sources. I then read the student’s tweet and it was about the same exact scene in the Matrix! That is the other part that I really enjoyed, the sharing of ideas, about these happenings in the world. I came to truly appreciate the breadth of perspective in our class and loved reading each week what people had to say. We had people from all over the world, of all different ages, talking back and forth with each other about really cool things. Overall, I think the #ISYS8621 was a special group and one that maximized the possibilities and positivity of Twitter.

In Defense of 'The Matrix Reloaded' 15 Years Later
Me, after this class

The digital world is one thing, but we had equally great discussions in class as well. Usually when I sit in a class, and the teacher asks us to have an open discussion about topics that we were supposed to research that week you can hear crickets chirping. Either no one read what we were supposed to read, or they did read it and they are too shy or don’t care enough to talk about it. On Wednesday nights from 7:00-9:30, in Fulton Hall, it was the exact opposite of my typical experience though. Students were energized and excited to talk about the recent topics of our Twitter group and often, Professor Kane had to stop us because we had to move on to the next part of class. I think that is something that was unique about this class and something that I will take away from it. This class was passionate about the things we were talking about, and seemed to truly enjoyed the exchanging of ideas and perspective. I did not participate much in these discussions, but I really enjoyed just being in the room and listening to everyone. And I think this all starts with the environment that Professor Kane created.

The Daniel Figurelli Interview (Warning: NSFW language) - Page 2 - The  Burnt Orange Board - HornSports
A typical class discussion in other classes

He created an environment that was open and non-judgmental. It was encouraging and enthusiastic. I don’t think I ever saw someone get shot down for offering up and idea or topic in class, and when that happens, students are truly able to let their guards down and be themselves. So, to wrap it up, I just want to say thank you to Professor Kane and everyone in this class. You guys not only gave me a new perspective on the world, but also on what school can be. Most times I walk into a class I’m just waiting to get out of there, but I actually looked forward to this class and it is due to all of you. I wish you all the best and hope that you keep the same energy and enthusiasm that you had for this class with you as you venture out in the real world. Here is my linkedin please feel free to add me and stay in touch!

Sincerely, Rich


  1. olivia_levy8 · ·

    Love the Linkedin plug, will definitely connect. The meme is so true about the conversation and participation in other classes vs ISYS8621. Not only has Professor Kane made a comfortable, inclusive classroom environment to encourage discussion, but the energy from our peers was a big part this semester. At first I thought the meme was referring to how people often chirp each other in the class, which makes it even better. Good luck on your future endeavors and it was a pleasure to be in class with you this semester!

  2. Divya Jha · ·

    Rich, there’s something refreshingly candid about how you express yourself. I found myself agreeing with so much in your post. I used to think Twitter was filled with trolls and bots that mindlessly argued about stuff, but using it constructively has built a newfound appreciation in me now.It’s the Coach who creates the environment for the team to excel in, amirite? Thank you for being a part of our warm #ISYS8621 community! I wish you the very best for your future!

  3. Longbg · ·

    Loved the post! I thought that the Twitter experience was really engaging and put me out of my comfort zone in a great way.

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