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Oh c’mon. We’re all thinking it.

First things first, let me start by introducing myself and then we can jump into why I chose to continue this course after many, many warnings from Professor Kane day 1. 

To the classmates that I have had the pleasure of meeting over zoom, I hope you all enjoyed the sporadic, yet common, visits from my naughty pets. Yes, my cat is huge…he is a Maine Coon. And yes, my dog is a very good boiii”. I would love to bring them to class but Boston College has a whole policy against it, and I think they’ve become codependent. To those that don’t know me, my name is Bianca Donald (Feliciano). I am a second year, part-time graduate student, hopefully graduating this spring! I am a Statistical Demand Analyst for Alcon working on data modeling and machine learning. Prior to this role, I was in the Leadership Development Program at Raytheon as a Material Program Manager for a few years. Boston College’s credibility and data focused courses helped me to switch back to the medical field into a role I absolutely love.

Now, the big question: Why take a class that a professor made so abundantly clear will be as much work as a newborn (100% joking, please do not come for me parents!)? It’s simple. I appreciate that the subject is not only relevant, but always evolving. I believe the course is geniously set up to show students how to find information themselves instead of teaching stagnant facts. But really, I like a compelling challenge. Bring it on.

I’m not a huge social media person. While I am victim up spending too much time online, I really stick to Instagram for fitness and food inspiration, Facebook for family, and Pinterest for all things home décor and food. Oh, and YouTube is for all things, everything—big YouTuber. TikTok is a hard “no” for me…I can only imagine how quickly it would absorb me into the vast realm of dances and food ideas. I was never a fan of Twitter mostly because I found it to be most prone to aggression, but I do miss the frequent news updates. One of the largest challenges I will face in this class will be the debates online. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for debating in person and am very comfortable admitting when another party has won, but I find it very difficult to verbalize an argument in few characters. I also rely heavily on tone and facial reactions to know when to dial it back versus lean into a subject. It will take some time, but I hope to get better at Twitter before the next wave of social media hits and my millennial self will need to catch up to yet another social trend. With that said, can we bring back assigning a song to your page? I loved that on Myspace.

What Ever Happened to MySpace?

I anticipate that this class will always keep me on my toes. Schedule and frequent posting aside, there is just so much possibility. Digital technology affects all parts of our lives from asking Alexa what the weather is to self-driving cars and even quantum computing. This isn’t a subject that can be taught out of a book because how could we ever keep up with the evolving trends and random shocks to the field like…and we knew it would need to come up at least once in this blog…a pandemic! Yes, those do actually happen, and I promise you will need to invest in better pajamas and slippers when it does. But really, it’s truly amazing how quickly companies were able to adapt to new playing fields both internally and externally. If only there was a book on it…pre order “The Transformation Myth: Leading Your Organization through Uncertain Times” on Amazon. This is not sponsored.

All and all, I’m ready for this semester to be a digital roll coaster. The best part about an MBA is grades matter much less than in a Bachelors, so take the hard classes and self-evaluate what areas you would benefit from knowing more about. That’s my two cents.

Peace out class! I’ll talk to y’all in just over a week since I am one the lucky duckies that got Group A.

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  1. Great opening post. I actually think you’ll find the class to be less of a challenge than I implied on the first week. I find the first week to be largely a self-selection mechanism if I do it right. Those that will appreciate the course stay and love it, those that don’t leave and find one more to their liking. I find we’re all happier as a result.

  2. albertsalgueda · ·

    If you are worried about Prof. Kane warnings, you have to read the warnings of my teacher in CSCI (first email) :

    Welcome to the class. If you have taken my course(s) before, you should know what my course is like by now. If you haven’t, then please be aware of some comments from prior students:

    – Many prior students complained that my course was way too much and many felt not well prepared.

    – Some even told me that it is the toughest class they have ever taken at BC.

    – I don’t lower my standard for seniors, so please be prepared to work very hard if you need this course to graduate.


    1. Another prof and I used to have competitions about how many students we could scare out of class the first day. I’ve certainly mellowed since then, but it’s really helpful to have students who actually want to be here, rather than those who are just checking off a requirement.

      1. It worked! My husband wants to be a professor when he finishes graduate school. I’ll let him know that two professors at BC recommend an initial “scare” tactic. Haha.

  3. cloudbasedbrett · ·

    Great to meet you Bianca, and thank you for a great introduction and glimpse into your amazing pets! I am a little confused…I would have thought this would be an easy subject for you to thrive in given your profession in data modeling and machine learning. I actually share your same concerns (and interests – IG, YouTube) in social media – debating and carrying dialogue behind the curtain of my IP address is not comfortable for me, and actually, I would argue, would hinder real-life digital transformation within a company. But to me, social media is one small component of digital transformation while integrating an AI/ML, no-code/low-code data analysis environment would be a transformational addition to a company.

    I will be interested to see how much social media will actually play in this class and if Twitter/WordPress will be used as vehicles to talk about more transformational topics.

    1. Thanks, Brett! Easy is a strong word in a field that changes just about everyday. But, I hope I can bring my experience into the class to support discussions. Hopefully, for your sake and mine, we get to explore many more components of digital transformation this semester!

  4. Carlos Montero · ·

    Bianca, I have been reading blogs all morning trying to stay on top of this class, and let me tell you. Your blog was energetic, fun, and relevant. I think you capture the essence of this class. I also find it very difficult to make a compelling argument with 280 characters, but this class would allow me to test myself.

    1. You are so kind, Carlos! I needed that added confidence to get me through the semester. Thank you!

      I think this class is so unique that it will challenge us all in some way. We’ll just have to stick together to figure it out.

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