I’m Ready…for Digital Transformation!

A class where part of our grades are dependent on tweeting is certainly a class that interests me. I think a lot can be said in 280 characters and hashtags. But in my honest opinion, a GIF or Meme, takes the cake and gets the job done.

Like SpongeBob, I’m ready! I’m excited for this class, digital is everywhere and everything. All companies are digital companies. I would consider myself to be a decently tech savvy person, I rock an iPhone, have a few Instagram followers and actually know how to pronounce GIF. However, there is certainly a lot that I don’t know. Come on, let’s be real…who can actually define what a Non-fungible Token is? Could you explain it to your grandma so that she would understand? I know I certainly can’t. Turns out that Non-Fungible loosely means “unique”(thank you to google) which in my opinion sounds a lot like this class.

I am looking forward to this class because I want to be in the know and included in the conversation. I want to be able to eloquently speak about NFTs and other digital technologies. I want to better understand digital trends, I want to know what’s here and have a sense of what’s to come. More importantly, I want to learn how digital technologies can be applied to and ultimately transform businesses and organization. Digital done right, can certainly be good for business. Digital Transformations can: help reduce costs, improve customer experiences, expand customer reach, increase efficiency, defend against competition and so on. And if this past year was any sort of indication of what is to come I think we are in for some pretty amazing stuff.

As I take a look at the course syllabus and schedule, I appreciate that we will not only be learning about emerging technologies and their business implications but also the societal and ethical implications of these changes. Cause let’s face it, AI is cool but it also can be a little bit scary! Are we being tracked? Is Alexa always listening? What about bias? Unintentional bias? Is there anybody or anything monitoring all this? Okay, you get it. I will stop. I just think it’s important!

Now a little about me. I’m coming to the home stretch of my part time MBA career here at BC. If all goes well, I will graduate in May. When I’m not in Fulton, I spend a lot of my time on the BC campus. I Work in the Office of University Advancement (UA) as a fundraiser for the University. It’s a pretty great job, I get to talk about all the amazing things that happen here on the BC campus. I will probably even talk about this class. On a daily basis, I use a lot of old school technologies like email and phone calls to be in touch with supporters of the University. With that being said, a digital transformation has taken place even at good old UA this includes the likes of cloud computing, digital payment methods like Apple pay, Venmo and Bitcoin and of course like everyone else on the planet Zoom! I’m not sure that we will ever go back to travel like we used to.

Other than that, I am a big Boston sports fan and a bit of a foodie. I look forward to learning more about my interests and passions in a digital sense.

Here’s to a fun and interesting class! I am excited to jump in, interact and learn from YOU! Okay, I’m also a bit nervous too. I hope I don’t run out of blogs ideas. I hope you find my jokes funny and I hope you will give me a break if my spelling isn’t perfect.


  1. I think you’re in the right place! I’ve had several students from UA over the years, and all have done very well in this class. I really think that digital technologies can fundamentally change University fundraising, but that’s a conversation for another time. Also remind me to tell you a story about what Luke Kuechly said about this class sometime.

  2. Tanker 2 Banker · ·

    Since you are a foodie I thought this could be of interest to you: https://www.verticalfield.com/vertical-farming/ . Also for the sports fan side of you: https://coinmarketcap.com/alexandria/article/what-are-fan-tokens . I’d like to hear about your fundraising role at BC and what that all entails.

  3. Allie, you have a strong meme and GIF game and I’m here for it! Sometimes, there’s no better way to express yourself online than with a meme. I think we both are looking to be challenged in this class and stretched beyond our desk life to find out what crazy things are going on at the Googles of the world and beyond. Thanks for sharing and good to meet you!

  4. shanpopzaruba · ·

    Highly approve of a Spongebob reference in a MBA course! I also would like to actually know what an NFT is, or at least recall what the acronym stands for, but my biggest goal is to shift my mindset from thinking of bitcoin like the collectable coins from the Nintendo Mario games. Very much looking forward to being in class together!!

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