Blog 1 – Hello!

Hi All!  I’m excited to start my second year of the full-time MBA program here at BC.  It’s so nice to finally be on campus and in Boston as I was remote all of last year.


When I initially looked at the syllabus I was contemplating dropping out of this class – It was filled with warnings from Professor Kane about the workload as well as how this class is highly interactive.  I thought about enrolling in a “conventional” MBA elective in place of this class but before doing so I wanted to attend the first session.  I have never blogged about anything, nor have I ever kept a journal on any topic and seeing that blog posts count for 50% of our grade made me a little nervous.  My social media interactions are very limited, and I mainly utilize twitter as a news source – my last tweet is from 2015! I mainly use Facebook to keep in touch with high school friends and give well wishes to family members on their birthdays but I am a tad bit more active on Instagram.  Despite being an introvert and not being too keen on having interactive discussions I AM SUPER EXCITED TO BE A PART OF THIS CLASS!! 

When professor Kane promised this course to be the most rewarding one we would take during our time as an MBA student I knew I had to stay.  I had to step out of my comfort zone, fully engage in class discussions as well as be interactive in blog posts and on twitter to ensure the class is engaging not only for me but for my peers as well! 

Digital transformation is an interesting topic which I don’t know much about but one that has always intrigued me.  Being able to tailor this course to our interests will allow me to learn more about topics I’m passionate about.  Digitalization in the healthcare industry as well as the fashion industry both pique my interest. COVID 19 has served as a catalyst for digitalizing the world around us, as human-driven companies have started to rely more on software processes while those that had already gone through digital transformation invested more resources on their technologies. 

I have seen this shift as the company my brother works at has been completely remote since the start of the pandemic.  In order to do so they had to upgrade their virtual infrastructure and increase the number of batch servers to accommodate the influx of users on their virtual private network. This is change that is occurring throughout the country, as per a recent Bloomberg study 39% of adults would consider quitting if not allowed to continue some remote work. As employee turnover is at it’s highest level in decades many companies are going to have to respond to this new norm of remote working even after the pandemic is over (hopefully soon!).

With that being said, I’m looking forward to our next class on Wednesday as well as the book launch in the upcoming weeks! 


  1. This class is particularly good for introverts. While the class discussion can get pretty fast-paced at times, the digital platforms allow introverts to engage at a different pace. Sometimes those who make the biggest impact to class discussion arent’ the ones who speak in class much at all, but guide or respond on these other outlets.

  2. albertsalgueda · ·

    I am also interested in digital innovation in the healthcare industry! It will be a great course, nice to meet you ;)

  3. bccryptoassets · ·

    This makes for a first, or two firsts for many of us. I’m 23 and I have never used any social media accounts, so this is a huge change, but not enough to get me using these apps after completing this course. While we can though, let’s make the most of it. Looking forward to a great semester.

  4. I loved that I was not alone in getting my news from Twitter!! Seriously though (as I talked about in my blog) my once best source for first hand journalism is now largely filled with adorable animal pictures thanks to the Twitter algorithm. Super excited as well to be in person, but to have a digital forum in which to continue the class development on.

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