Digital Transformation – What’s the Hype?

Hey there! If there are grammar mistakes in what you are about to read, I promise ill get better by end of this semester. I had always secretly wanted to start a Blog, but never thought it would be about Digital Transformation of all things. Excited to explore not only my writing skills but also to explore what the hype is surrounding digital transformation.

I started my career (accidently) in tech right after my undergrad, at Dell Technologies. My unaware self at the time thought Dell only makes computers and laptops. I learned quickly that there were things such as Cloud, Servers, Networking, Hardware, etc. I may now know the general concept of all these things, but by no means understand how it enables digital transformation in the everchanging world today. I spent 3 years there in various Finance roles. When I joined, Dell had just acquired EMC (where I worked), in the largest tech deal in history. It was fascinating to see how two bog companies came together and leveraged each other’s strengths to create what is now call Dell Technologies.

Dell Technologies

9 months ago, I changed jobs and am now working at VMware which specializes in virtualization software (only thing I know about this is that its the base of cloud computing somehow). My role recently changed to be the finance controller for the business that is driving SAAS transformation at the company; inevitably I am engaged in many conversations that discuss how VMware is driving digital transformation for our customers. These discussions revolve around how to enable new routes of markets that would help the company adapt to the changing world after COVID. With COVID there was a big demand for WFH capabilities, and that’s what my company helped companies enable. Its customers were looking for ease of access to applications, security, cloud applications and VPN. Seeing as my role revolves around digital transformation from a finance standpoint, I thought now is the time for me to take the course and really tie it back to the work that I do.

So here I am – I will say that I did not expect to use twitter and WordPress for any of my MBA classes. This is the first time I have used both platforms- so thank you professor for bringing me outside my comfort zone! I am expecting this class to be discussion based and fast paced. I am excited to hear more on cloud computing as that is the industry that I am current working in. Also looking forward to reading The Technology Fallacy and The Transformation Myth, seems like I only read when its required to these days (I’m a big podcast person). I am hoping I can take away concepts and teachings from this class and apply it to my day-to-day conversations at work.

Something I hope we get into is how mergers and acquisitions enable digital transformations. In my experience, in the tech world acquisitions of smaller startups are really the force behind progress in digital transformations. The acquisitions often have technological breakthrough ideas that larger companies can develop further to benefit its own portfolio of offerings.

I’m looking forward to delving deeper in topics that are of interest to me and learning about topics I otherwise would not have learned about from everyone else. I am very excited that there is no midterm and final – very unique structure that I feel is more fit for the topic we are covering. It will take time getting use to the format. After completing my MBA, I am hoping to progress my career in Tech, perhaps in a function other than Finance.


  1. llamadelmar · ·

    Hello Kanal,
    Thank you for sharing your experience and how your current role is helping in the development of VMware’s digital transformation. As we get into this class I too am interested in seeing if we touch on how mergers/acquisitions are both strategic in nature and move the needle in the how a company does business.

  2. Glad you’re stepping out of your comfort zone. You might consider getting Grammarly to help with writing. I’m a professional writer, and I actually find it helps a ton with little effort.

  3. bccryptoassets · ·

    Hello Kanal, I believe your background and experience will provide us with some unique insight. I’m looking forward to your future blog posts.

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