Initial Expectations for Initial Expectations for Emerging Technologies and Digital Business.


Hi Class, 

My name is Kayla Cyrs and I started the part time MBA program at BC two years ago in August 2019. It is crazy to think that this is my final year in the program. I remember thinking how far away 2022 sounded but now it looms right around the corner. I work in the Office of University Advancement at Boston College so the commute to class after work is not too far. I graduated from Villanova University in 2017 with a B.A. in Economics and Political Science. While I loved my liberal arts education, my favorite part of the MBA program has been gaining some technical skills which I did not gain from my undergraduate experience. After college I worked at Wayfair in the B2B department before moving to the nonprofit sector at BC. I am potentially looking to move back to industry after I complete my degree and gain a better understanding of what industry and job function, I am interested in. I am looking forward to this semester and what is to come. 

What I thought this class would be…

A few months ago, when signing up for classes, I thought it sounded interesting and would complement the digital marketing course I was taking. I expected that this class would be an overview of strategies and concepts that can be applied to legacy organizations to take them into the digital age. I expected a typical lecture or case-based course format with projects, midterms, and finals of some sort. After our first class session I do not think this will quite be the case. While I have grown comfortable with the typical course format over the past two years in the MBA program, I remain excited about this class and the semester to come. 


I expect to be busy. As professor Kane mentioned in the first class, there will be a lot of deliverables. There are pros to classes that have few deliverables other than a midterm and final or a project. In that case, some weeks might only entail thinking about the class during class time. On the other hand, it usually means a few weeks of the semester are very stressful as I “cram”. I think I will thoroughly enjoy the consistent workload each week. I strive to keep organized as a part time MBA student with a full-time job and I think this course format will support that.

After our first class session I would be lying if I said I was not a bit nervous for this class. I think it is because this already feels much more personal as we write blog posts rather than in other courses where we posted on canvas. I know that for the first few weeks, tweeting and blog posts will probably make me feel uncomfortable. However, I am excited about the prospect of taking ownership of a topic and honing my knowledge to present to the class. I think that hearing from other classmates will be very interesting. I feel like there are so many topics that I think I know about (RE: the quick NFT conversation in the first class session) but I would not feel confident to speak about. I am expecting that by the end of this course I will feel much more confident to speak about concepts in the digital space that are extremely relevant in today’s world. I also expect that this class will help me become a better writer. I think it will be interesting to work on conveying messages in both a longer format via blog posts, as well as short form tweets. I think both are extremely important in the business world today. 

Lastly, I expect to meet new classmates and establish new relationships. Based on hand raising in the first class, it looks like the class is split about 50/50 with full time and part time MBA students. Many of my prior classes have been majority part time students but as I begin to take more electives, that is changing. This is exciting as I will be exposed to new perspectives and people. I also think that this class format is conducive to forming new connections because it is highly interactive. I also expect that both the class and professor will be highly engaged over the next few months. Based on our initial class session, this is necessary for success. Overall, I am looking forward to this course and all that it will provide me. 

Go Eagles!


  1. llamadelmar · ·

    Hello Kayla!
    Thanks for your initial blog post! I too started in August of 2019 and can’t believe how fast time has moved, even if part of that time was via Zoom. I am also excited for some of the things you called out like the class taking ownership of the topics we cover & improving written communication. I look forward to seeing what else you have to share with the class.

  2. allietlevine · ·

    Kayla, I think you bring up a great point! Like you I appreciate the opportunity to enhance my writing skills as part of this class. While much of the MBA program has focused on technically skills I do believe being able to effectively present your thoughts, ideas or opinions is perhaps just as important. I have no doubt these blog posts will get easier to write as the semester goes on. I look forward to learning from you!

  3. I actually find the personalness to be a feature and not a bug once we get into class. Looking forward to having you in class!

  4. Carlos Montero · ·

    Kayla, We both had similar first impressions regarding the class structure and expectations. We see the benefit of this type of challenge and the amazing opportunities to hear from different points of view and experiences from the full-time MBA students. I can’t wait to see what you post about NFT!

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