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Hi everyone ;)

My name is Albert and I am a 21-year-old exchange student from Barcelona, Spain. I used to work as a Software Product Manager in Adsmurai ( a tech-based company ) while finishing my degree in Global Studies (a multidisciplinary degree that aims to explain how the human World developed and operates) I consider myself as an active agent of change and participated in several projects that aim to use digitalization to improve the quality of people’s life. During the Quarantine, I developed a platform for little businesses so they could upload their offer and start selling online. I am just giving this little background to apologize in advance if my English is not good enough. It is hard for me to talk about technical or specific topics in English, but I am improving at an exponential rate, god blesses Grammarly!

My love for computers and technology drove me to this course and I expect it will be an interesting journey. Although I am still young, I like living life with intensity and I am really proactive so I know that expectations are sometimes hard to manage. I personally try to avoid expectations or adjust them to reality as much as I can. This is my approach to it in both personal and professional life. Nevertheless, I find myself facing this question several times, at work, when we release a new functionality C-level managers require some insights on its possible impact and, in college, the professor wants us to talk about our expectations to improve or manage the content of the course to fulfill our needs and interests. And my interests are not niche or specific, I love technology, but also music, philosophy, mathematics, coding, sports, and, being honest, partying and drinking.

There are so many interesting things to do that I do not know what to do ;) But at least I can write down some adjusted expectations that I have about this course.

Expectation 1: Receive relevant data from innovation-related topics to extract knowledge from them.

I hope that during this journey I can increase my knowledge in a wide variety of topics and projects in the digital World. For me, intelligence is the ability to find correlations among apparently different topics and eventually create something new and useful. For example, improvements in data storage allowed the development of Big Data, which boosted the development of AI. Nowadays, developments on data storage are basically driven by AI, this creates a positive feedback loop, crazy, isn’t it?

Expectation 2: Meet people with similar interests to build great relationships.

They say you are the average of the people you spent more time with. If that theory is true, I want to spend time with people that are “like me” in this particular sense. We can all learn from each other and that is something that you can not find in all courses ( maybe this is the only one I don’t know ) and this is something beautiful and more useful than anything. In the end, business is about people, it is people with common ideas, interests, and attitude that leads change, not ideas or theory.

Expectation 3: Improve my ability to communicate complex ideas in front of an audience in English.

Speaking in public is sometimes really complicated even in your own language. However, I find it something really necessary and challenging. Well, when it comes to fears the only way to overcome them is doing what scares you, so I am looking forward to the individual presentation.

Currently I am interested in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. This is a technological revolution that is going to change ( or already changing ) the fate of humankind. So please, if you enjoy coffee/beer and nerd conversations about these topics you can count on me!
THANK YOU for your time ( time is the ultimate currency, not Bitcoin or $ ), and sorry for the random characters of the title I did not know which title would be appropriate for this piece as this is a war for attention, so yeah, clickbait! PD: mkdir means make directory, hope you enjoyed the first file of this directory ;)

Peace and love for everyone <3


  1. I think your expectations are right in line with what you will get from this class. I also love having international perspectives in the course, as it only enriches the discussion.

  2. I found your second expectation of meeting people with similar interests to build great relationships really interesting! I had not thought about this course that way and given the nature of this class as its centered around discussions, this would be a really good takeaway from this class on top of the content learnt!

  3. Hi Albert, I’m also an intenational student and I can totally relate to your experience! (I’m originally from Ukraine but raised in Italy). Also, thank you for sharing your experience and the type of work you are doing, it is really interesting to see the effects of these programs in real life and how our near future will be shaped due to the ever evolving techlonolgy. Look forward to your presentation :)

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