To drop or not to drop…

This is not only my first blog for ISYS8621, but my first blog ever (of course not taking in consideration class discussions on Canvas or silly Facebook posts). I have spent countless hours staring at screens reading someone else’s articles, but to be frank, I never thought about writing myself. I never saw myself as writer, but who knows maybe one day I will look back at this moment as the day that I became a blogger.

Either way, after that confession I am sure your expectations are low and most of you aren’t reading anymore, but for the ones who dare, here we go.  

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Fair warning, this course will be different….

If you are reading this blog, it means that you heard or read that sentence in the past week. I have studied in four different countries, and I can assure you that I have heard this before. Most of the Professors love making claims of how their teaching methods are out of the box, but at the end, most of the classes are the same. If you pass the test, you pass the class. Of course, some are better than others, but you get what I mean. I have never experienced a professor inviting me to drop their class three times in one week (email, syllabus, and class). At this point I am not sure if Professor Kane is trying to use some reverse psychology on me or I am not getting the memo.

That is why I asked around my peers to see if they believe this class would be beneficial for me. After conducting my small survey, it turned out everyone seemed to have great things to say about this class and what they gained from it. They were also quick to point out that this class is not easy and will be challenging at times, but they all recommended and explained to me that this class will help me get to know myself as much as learn from others.

Now you might be wondering why I am thinking of taking this course. Since graduating from college in 2016, I have had multiple jobs and most of them have been in the banking industry. COVID-19 disrupted our lives in many ways, but thanks to this push toward digitalization, I have seen a tremendous positive shift in the banking industry, especially with digital services and operations. I want to take advantage of these great opportunities within the industry and this class seems like a great way to immerse myself in this movement.

Don’t drop the class. Dropping the class would be the easy way out and you don’t want to take the path of least resistance. This blog is my written proof that I am committed to completing this journey! I am excited to be in a class that is looking to break with norms and traditional teaching by embracing the change of digitalization. This class will also help me with my writing skills. Coming from a non-English-speaking country, a class that requires a lot of writing is always plus.

So, if you are on the fence just go for it!

Fun fact: In addition to this being my first blog. I also had a couple of firsts. This week all thanks to Professor Kane. I finally opened a Twitter and WordPress account. I tweeted and followed some classmates. I can assure you I am already feeling the transformation.


  1. Excellent Carlos! So glad you will be along for the ride in this course. I enjoyed your contributions to the discussions in Strategic Management last spring.

    Despite all these firsts for you, I have to say, your meme game is strong!

    1. Carlos Montero · ·

      Hi Ravi, I am also looking forward to having another class with you. Appreciate your feedback and I am glad you like the memes selection. Maybe some Mandalorian memes are to come.

  2. Couldn’t agree more Carlos. I feel I’m already starting to get used to the blogs and tweets but I’m sure there’s something I’m still forgetting at the same time. I think with enought time this class will be able to offer more to us than just the usual lectures and readings.

  3. Kanal Patel · ·

    I didn’t get the chance to ask anyone who has taken this course on what they thought, great to know you have only head good things!

  4. bccryptoassets · ·

    That’s a hilarious first blog post Carlos, well written. I think you have a career in blogging in the making. I’m just as hyped as you are, this class might transform me too…digitally. ;)

    1. Carlos Montero · ·

      Thank you very much for taking the time to read the blog! I cant wait to see the digital transformation in ourselves. Stay hype, my friend!

  5. kaylacyrs · ·

    Hi Carlos – The title of your post grabbed me and made me want to read! I am not sure that I noticed how many times Professor Kane told us to drop but I agree it did cross my mind as well. I am excited to follow along your journey as a new blogger.

  6. Carlos Montero · ·

    Hi Kayla, I am glad the title caught your attention. I will be following your blog as well. I cant wait to see what you will write next.

  7. Carlos- looking forward to getting to know you! I think one of the greatest parts of business school and no doubt this course is all of the different professional backgrounds that come into the classroom. It allows for a much deeper and thoughtful conversation, something which it seems we are both looking forward to!

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