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Hello and welcome to my first blog post. I’d like to begin by introducing myself to you all. I take the former of my first name and go by Daren. I’m from Sacramento, California and as of last year I’ve been living in the gorgeous city of Boston to complete my MBA in one year. If and when we get a chance to speak to one another, I would love to get to know each and every one of you more than just knowing you were in my class for a semester. Let’s make it happen full-timers and part-timers! Now, moving onto what I expect out of this class. To be candid, I usually don’t lead myself into anything with expectations unless it’s any sport that I’m playing in. In that case, the only expectation I have is to win. I generally expect to learn more about how various industries have been, are being and will be digitally revolutionized in numerous ways. My points of interest lie within my passion in finance and the sciences, so a deep dive into fintech and biotech would be delightful. I know there are a few of you here who work or participate in these budding industries and hopefully I take an insight or two from you in the coming months.

Scanning my eyes over the syllabus, there are a few weeks that catch my eye. In order from start to end, my topics of interest are Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies and Crisis Driven Digital Transformation. The week of December 08th piques my curiosity as well just because we’re so used to seeing fake news in the media in this era of journalism. Of these listed topics, I’m interested in hearing what lecture embeds, and also the discourse in class. For me, to truly understand certain topics, getting the history down, and the application throughout time is critical. I expect getting a brief on topics early in lecture, clarifying some murky content, then moving into somewhat of a deep dive for a beginner’s level of mastery. My goal is not to become an expert, but I would like to lead conversations and have a decent amount of knowledge to sound sophisticated.

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I’m interested in learning how we can apply digital concepts to ideas that were once unimaginable. It now seems that we can digitally transform everything for the better. It’s no longer a matter of can a company transform, it’s a matter of when will they, how quickly and how effective can they be. Seeing farmers and niche small business owners leverage technology to their advantage has been beautiful to watch, but a pain for the owners. Having to learn new technologies and terms they never thought of knowing, people of older age are also forced into pushing themselves into survival mode during the pandemic. It should be highlighted that the pandemic sped up the digital transformation world by years. Where we stand now, without the pandemic, I truly think we wouldn’t have been able to reach such great heights. We even have classes that specifically teach us about digital transformation…(cough, cough). I believe that we might even start teaching these courses earlier on, perhaps high school as a core class or middle school as an elective.

I’m interested in seeing what more can be done in higher ed as well. This has been an area of slow growth and little to no progress for ages. In relation to higher ed, our own government can benefit from digitally transforming certain areas of politics. Set aside zoom and other online meetings, might we assign smart contracts for deals with other countries. El Savador just adopted Bitcoin as their national currency, and there is definite risk there as well. Let’s learn it all, that’s not what I’m expecting, but what I’d like from this class. Bring it on digital world!

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    Thank you for writing this blog, Daren, and sharing your interest with the class. I’m also looking forward to learning more about digital transformation in higher education, is definitely a hot topic especially as the world transition to a post-pandemic society. Also, discussing blockchain and El Salvador’s adoption of Bitcoin is another reason I took this course as well.

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