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Boston, it’s been real. A year ago, I moved to Boston to start my journey at Boston College, and the Beantown has carved out a special place in my heart. I truly believe Boston is the prettiest city in the United States, besides these rats and rodents all over the streets making it seem like we’re living in the 1300s again. I have met so many amazing people throughout the course of this past year and can’t wait to see where everyone ends up after graduation. All of you might know me as the quiet kid who never spoke during the semester, but for those of you who personally know me, I’m quite the opposite. If anyone wants to have a conversation, my BC email should still exist for a few months, but if not, you can find me on LinkedIn. I check the messages once in a blue moon, but I’ll definitely get back to you.

So, digital transformation. If you haven’t done it, you’re probably failing at life to be candid. On the first day of class, I had no idea what to expect. There was a syllabus without exams and actual assignments. Blogging and tweeting couldn’t be that hard, right? Over the past three months, as I usually do—I reflected on what the true purpose of this class was about. There is always innovation in some corner of the world, and though we might not know all of it, it’s incumbent upon us to stay updated with the trends. Heck, I used Twitter for the first time, and though I hate it, I appreciate social media slightly more than I used to. I became a name behind a screen that nobody really knows but has an idea. Blogging became a tri-weekly trend and reading other blogs and commenting became a habit. After about two weeks, I got the hang of class and enjoyed learning from my peers. It’s a much different model than any other course I’ve taken in my life, but I would rather learn from my peers than a textbook used repeatedly for ages. A textbook can’t be reflective of every era, but we are reflective of modern-day trends. The insight of our guest speakers was also a key component of this class. Hearing from actual people that are hands-on for several revolutionary projects we use on a daily basis taught me to appreciate our journey and trust the path that we’re on. If you’re passionate about something, you’ll meander your way around several jobs, but end up finding what you truly love.

For me, that path has been intentionally created to force my way into IB. Each position, each role, and each person I’ve met have been a steppingstone and a constant for me to help me reach my dreams. I hope for everyone in this class, each class is a stepping stone towards that degree and later the job you desire. I can’t thank you all enough for the wonderful stories, the excellent examples, and the opportunities you’ve provided me with. As an almost 23-year-old, I can say Boston and Boston College have shaped me into an even more polished version of who I was. Years from now, I’ll look back and tell myself this was the best year of my life because it has been, and I think it will be for the rest of my life. Traveling, many experiences, the IB interviews everyone always talks about, I’m not ever getting that back. There are better years ahead, but 2021 is my best year of all time. Fly Eagles Fly! See you all at graduation.


  1. I think many people, including myself share some of the sentiment in your post. This class was definitely different and we had a unique opportunity to learn from our peers instead of a dull textbook which is a nice break from the grueling process of reading dense material. It was a pleasure having you as a classmate and I wish you nothing but the best in your next endeavor.

  2. yanamorar · ·

    I also share your emotions here! It’s been an incredibly challenging but highly satisfying year, and I’m excited to see what the future holds for everyone in this class. This course taught me to stay up to date with the latest trends and look around and reflect on the world we live in. I’ve never used to look at the latest Tech trends on the WSJ, but now I do, and I will continue doing even after this course. Best of luck in your IB career!

  3. Boston has been a place I’ve always dreamed of living in and now after 4 years, leaving is bittersweet. I totally can empathize with some of your thoughts and feelings. I wish you well in your career and am glad to have been a part of something different that we all contributed to, but are taking very different things away from this course. Cheers!

  4. Great finale. I do confess that I do think that the teaching style is linked to the underlying philosophy and ethos of digital tech. Any textbook (even digital ones) will be hopelessly dated, because the topic moves so fast, it requires a new appraoch.

  5. kaylacyrs · ·

    This was a great reflection. As someone who grew up right outside of Boston, I love to hear your fresh perspective on a city and place that sometimes I forget to appreciate myself. I agree that the guest speakers were a great key component of the class and one of my favorite aspects. Thanks for a great semester and good luck!

  6. I just moved to Boston in August. I kept comparing it to NY initially but It’s starting to grow on me – I actually really like living in Boston now! I enjoyed learning about different industries from our classmates – this was a great group of MBA’s! Good luck with everything.

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