Digitally Transformed

Definitely hard to believe the semester is over.  It feels like just yesterday I wrote my first blog ever!  

I never could have imagined how impactful this class would be back in late August. From

Gaining exposure to a multitude of new concepts & opinions, which was transformative in its own right, to  

Interacting with my classmates regularly that led to a camaraderie not experienced in any other class.

Though, I must admit I’m not sure how I feel about the fact that I’m now

Addicted to tweeting #ISYS8621 content, and

Lemonade will no longer be known as a delicious refreshing beverage, but a disruptive insurance company.

Thank you Professor Kane for insightful lectures, supplemental articles, a fun dynamic & organizing a

Robust group of guest speakers!   

Although, I’m disappointed that we did not earn the coveted “prize” proposed by your esteemed co-author.

Nevertheless, the books were informative & enjoyable reads, especially when we could

See the content brought to life through real-world examples & in reflecting on our work experiences.

Few classes could successfully flow from discussions on NFTs to robots to law to crypto to ethics

Over the course of one class, but we were able to pack each Wednesday chock-full of interesting content.

Reflecting on the topics, I’m reminded of just how much my eyes were opened and beliefs changed –

Metaverse does have its redeeming qualities/use cases (as much as it pains me to admit), and

Amazon factored so heavily into our discussions that I accepted a job there! (JK. Job real, rationale not). 

Technology is the future and the present, touching virtually every industry in ways we have yet to imagine.

I feel that this class was instrumental in exposing us to the myriad ways this takes shape, & the

Organizational structure needed to navigate through these disruptions, which is equally imperative.

Now it is sadly time to bid adieu to everyone. Thank you for all of the great knowledge, snacks & discourse!

I knew I would never be the same again when I was driving the other day and my mind started to wander…..not to my growing to-do list as finals approached, or what I was going to have for dinner, or possible Christmas presents for family….but to thoughts of how VR would be a great tool for learning how to drive. I was swept up in imagining how this would transform the driving instruction industry, and potentially save lives by allowing young or inexperienced drivers the opportunity to realistically experience an accident, losing control on snow or ice, driving in poor visibility, etc. within the safe confines of a virtual reality that they could then carry into practice in the real world. I couldn’t wait to share this with someone! Anyone! Later that evening as I scrolled through headlines, I found myself perk up when I came across something relevant to #ISYS8621. And there it was – I had been bitten by the DT bug and I myself was “digitally transformed.”

The curse of DT is that it opened my eyes to the existence of multiple worlds around me that I previously had no knowledge of (a market for designer clothes in a virtual universe) or chose to conveniently ignore (blockchain), only to realize that the forum and receptive audience for sharing these sorts of musings or interesting articles was drawing to a close almost as quickly as it began.

This class certainly lived up to its expectation of being unconventional/different, but still ended up surprising me in unexpected ways. As I alluded to in my “creative sonnet” above, I realized towards the end of the semester that in 3 of my 4 classes, I wouldn’t know at least 50% of my classmates if I passed them on the street, let alone what their names, interests or backgrounds are.  Whether by design or unintentionally, this class fostered a unique connection amongst the students that I had yet to experience in my MBA program.  I looked forward to the friendly faces, interesting perspectives and overall dynamic of the classroom and always felt energized despite the late hour.  I will certainly miss the opportunity to learn from peers whose varied interests and backgrounds were instrumental in introducing diverse content and challenging my previously held beliefs on a subject or idea (particularly when we talked about different use cases or applications of technology and what some of the benefits could be). 

I was also surprised to see how my own interests changed direction.  I set out to tailor my focus to multi-access edge computing and the use of technology in conservation/tourism, and never imagined I would be inspired to write about how the fourth industrial revolution will impact workplace safety to include mental health, or tech’s role in widening or narrowing the inequality divide, or, most surprising of all, cybersecurity!

While at times I wished that there was more of a structured focus on relating everything back to industry or enterprise dynamics, or more sharing of real-world business experiences, I’m nonetheless grateful that my awareness has been awakened and my curiosity piqued to continue exploring these topics. As I think about the future of work and business, I feel confidently that I and my DT classmates are at a unique advantage from having taken this class.

In closing, I leave you with a recycled meme from a prior blog as a testament to one thing I never got better at over the semester — fulfilling the 2-image blog minimum in a creative and avant-garde way like my more tech savvy classmates:

Yah, yah, I already used this in another blog, but I ran out of creative image ideas and it might be my favorite meme I’ve come across this year


  1. Tanker 2 Banker · ·

    “…chose to conveniently ignore (blockchain)”. I hope I added value to the topic you can no longer ignore Christina :) . You always asked terrific questions whenever you commented on my blog posts and I think I voted you as my favorite tweeter almost every week. So, thank you for adding so much to my experience this semester.

    1. Christina S · ·

      Haha you did indeed!! I’m grateful for all of the knowledge you imparted whether through the presentation or your extremely well-written blogs/tweets. I’m so happy to have learned about the mechanics and applications of blockchain, and even happier to know that I was able to have an impact on your semester – sometimes it felt like I was posting to a black hole/uncertain if anyone was finding value in the topics or articles. Your comment made my day

  2. Shannon Reardon · ·

    I agree with you, Christina. As much as this class focused on tech in the digital world, it was intriguing to see this juxtaposition between in-person lively conversations about an inherently more antisocial means of communication (technology) – if that makes sense? Either way, I too learned a lot from you and everyone else in this class and am currently mourning the loss of #ISYS821 tweets as they begin to die off.

  3. yanamorar · ·

    Christina, first of all, I love your Sonnet! Second, thank you for being an awesome classmate and sharing interesting topics with the class each week! I also agree that this has been the most interactive and friendly class I’ve taken at BC, and I’m really grateful for all the great people I got to know this semester. Best of luck in the last semester of the program!

  4. What a sweet and thoughtful final blog. I told myself there was no way I would get upset, but after reading a few of these I am truly going to miss this!! I can’t help but admire your creativity (and time that must have gone into this!). One thing that I can’t help but think about is how much this class have made me crave hearing others perspectives. I loved the crowd sourcing of ideas and small group discussions. Thanks for making this experience so wonderful :)

  5. allietlevine · ·

    Christina way to put the pressure on with a sonnet! Thank you for sharing your ideas and interests with the class. Personally, I still cannot go over how much waste the tourism industry creates. Also, I agree with you, I never had a course were I walked away knowing my classmates and their interests. Learning from everyone was definitely a highlight for me.

  6. Nice reflection. I’m not sure if the social connections are an intentional part of the process or just a nice fringe benefit, but I do think they enhance the learning outcomes of the class.

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