DropItLikeItHox – Looking Back (PROF KANE DISS TRACK)

(Let the first 4 beats play out, start around 0:12 when drums come in)

Initial Expectations for our Digital Transformation
First the tech fallacy for the class to build foundation
The people and processes before the technology
Don’t get it twisted, that’s the right ideology

Technology, it pops and then in the shadows it goes,
But if we focus on the people, there are many more pros
And if you disagree or oppose, just like sears you’ll foreclose
So please let me compose, a rap that’s a bit more verbose

(you see)
Headlines on the Times, a disrupter’s gaining steam
CEO pulls in their L team, “hey, what’s our central theme”
“We’re being digital” says the COO, “we have no reason to scream”
But before he was reamed, the CEO began to dream

What if we…..  focus on our people
empower them to experiment, could we push the needle?
The only way to stay digital, this decision, so pivotal
We either turn invisible or we’re hitting the pinnacle

In a world where disruptors are abound …
gotta change that mindset before the stock hits the ground
Of the biggest companies in the 20th century around
Almost none pivoted with technology, none hold the crown

But on a personal note, looking back at what I wrote
I have a little old quote, and it’s straight from the source
“I’m looking forward to the challenge …
…  To take on a full byte of this course!”

I took a bite out of Apple, until my belly turned gold
Learned that @ProfKane regrets all that bitcoin he sold
Bought some polkadot, but I question if I bought it too late
Then in my rent-controlled place, I drank some lemonade

I discovered that I may be a bigger nerd than I thought
I read about bitcoin and blockchain, and all that it brought
All started with a presentation on a crypto called polkadot
Flashforward 2 months, up 46% had I bought

This changed my mindset a lot, for all this knowledge I sought
For all the tools that Kane taught, transformation, forethought
And if we don’t capitalize, is it all just for naught?
Flashforward 2 years, and just another class I forgot

So I’m doubling down on all this tech that I heard about
I’m a believer in quantum, and that’s my last shout
So join me in pumping up the price of $IONQ before I lash out
Because since I bought, the stock has hit a major drought

But seriously, I’m walking away with a more curious mind
Constantly looking at the latest tech news wondering what I’ll find
Is this new technology a fad… or is it well timed?
Is this riddled with bugs and crooks, or is it well designed?

Do I trust the MVP, or wait till it’s more refined?
Is this really a product or offering that I can get behind?
What does this product mean for all of mankind?
We know there’s ethical implications that all intertwine

So as we brace for the next phase of this pandemic
Let’s look back at the changes that affected our systemic
While the hybrid approach has changed our aesthetic
The way we work hasn’t changed, it’s a little poetic

The digital transformation that we undergo may seem strange
But at root of the way we work, it’s still all the same
The technology is just the thing that we re-arrange
It’s still the people at the heart of it that bring on the change


  1. albertsalgueda · ·

    WOW!!!!! No words ahahaaha
    I am a producer, so if you want we can record it ;)

  2. bengreen123 · ·

    I’m a rocker at heart, so I’m not sure if I’m using this term correctly: This is slaps

    1. DownEastDigital · ·

      Haha! I’m no expert myself but I think it is “this slaps”. That being said, wow the level of creativity here blew me away. What an incredible idea having the music to go along with the song. Thank you for your final act!

  3. yanamorar · ·

    This is incredible, and the beat is sick! I loved this, and I resonate with you as I’ve also regretted not getting into Polkadot sooner! By the way, you should totally consider a career in songwriting :)

  4. barrinja1 · ·

    Electric! Super creative, wish you posted this before our last class so we could have demanded a live performance. “What if we….. focus on our people
    empower them to experiment, could we push the needle?”…. shades of Hamilton honestly?

  5. allietlevine · ·

    Well done, I keep re-reading your post and finding a new favorite verse. I’d love a live performance! Like you so beautifully described, I am most certainly walking away from this class more curious.

  6. llamadelmar · ·

    Love the creativity and I can relate to that last line so much!

  7. Shannon Reardon · ·

    Ok, sooo i think it’s time you drop out of grad school and produce music haha. This is great! The thought of everyone reading this and trying to sing it themselves makes me laugh. Thank you though for sharing such a creative way to wrap up our class.

  8. First time I read it without the beat. It was good, but the beat version is MUCH better!

  9. kaylacyrs · ·

    THIS IS CREATIVITY AT ITS FINEST. This blog post made me feel like I have the entire semester – How did you think of that? What a great lineup of what we have talked about but compiled in an interesting format. Post a video of yourself rapping it on twitter…

  10. Bryan Glick · ·

    Just incredible, Olger! From the beat selection to the actual content, you’d get an A+ all around from me. I agree with @kaylacyrs– we need the music video now haha.

  11. cloudbasedbrett · ·

    I was waiting for you to come in a rap this out. Can we please get that version?! Very very very creative and well done!

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