Here I find myself typing these last words sitting in the same spot inside the library of Boston College, somehow all ends as it starts.

One of the biggest expectations I had from this course was to find interesting people to network with and develop digital projects that transform people’s lives. A good class is one that slightly changes my perspective of the world, and consequently, myself.

I want to thank all of you for making this possible and special thanks to professor Kane for taking the risk of trying something different and allowing people with crazy ideas like me to become an active part of the learning experience.

I am constantly thinking about the ethical implications that derive from disruptive technology. Sometimes I am really worried about it and I face questions I don’t have the answers. Nevertheless, I feel very optimistic. I realized that all of us are also thinking about it and all of us want to have a positive impact by leveraging digital transformation, after all, it is all about people, about what we make out of it.

In all your presentations I see a future full of oportunities, we talked about AI, Blockchain, automation, web 3.0, the metaverse, bots, smart apps, drones, laser tech… All of them have increadible potential of growth and the potential of improving the human experience.

So, before finishing, I feel the need to share with you the biggest and craziest idea I had in my life so far. I think that some of you would be interested by the concept and may want to improve it with your own expertise and even join me in trying to make it a reality.


Millions of people around the world have no access to healthcare. Millions of bytes of biometric data are produced daily by all of us and, unfortunately, they are lost. All this data can be used to train AI models to predict diseases before they happen or improve medical treatments. This is mainly because this data is really sensible and we are still uncomfortable with biometrical portable devices.

What if there was a way to provide a minimum healthcare service for free all around the globe?

Well, I think there is a way to make it happen. How? Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.
A DAO would provide a loan to acquire a bracelet that would track all sorts of biometric information. A token ( GID ) would be issued every time data is created and used to pay to data providers and data storage. In other words, data providers would be able to pay for the bracelet with their data.
The DAO would be responsible for the development and deployment of hardware and the platform and network to gather and store all data in a decentralized manner.
Developers would create AI models based on that data to predict diseases or bring financial rewards to the community. Competing models would bring increasing accuracy as the network grows. Users would pay for the models ( with a subscription plan ), and developers would get paid and incentivized to create new features and more precise models.

This is way more complex that presented and a lot of considerations should be made. But the main idea is that these mechanisms of incentives and the decentralized nature of the project would eventually create an increasing intelligent doctor that would be available for everyone. If the global community invested 60 billion dollar for a meme coin like DogeCoin, the global community would be able to provide liquidity for the first stages of the project and escalate it accordingly to the demand for data and models.

The possibilities are infinite, but I strongly believe that all these data should not be owned by any centraliszed entity and that the benefits of it shall be spread among all humankind.

If you made it all the way here let me say thanks for reading another crazy idea and please leave your feedback on the comments.

Happy new year ğŸŽŠ ğŸŽ† ğŸŽˆ


  1. yanamorar · ·

    Hi Albert, this is an awesome idea, and I think the “Digital Doctor” could truly be the future, especially for those who currently don’t have access to healthcare. I also agree with you, this has been an incredible course, and I’m so grateful I took it. It’s been an unconventional class, but I’ve learnt so much than I would have ever expected!

  2. Albert! Another interesting and thoughtful reflection doesn’t surprise me from you, but I think what you present here has a profound potential impact. I too believe that access healthcare is the next crisis globally. While I can’t comment on the nuts and bolts it makes me proud to know others who are taking up the charge for the greater good. Keep questioning and pushing my friend!!

  3. barrinja1 · ·

    Hey Albert, really interesting idea! I opened this expecting a reflection and instead found another new and exciting concept – this is why I love this class! I know you’re big into the blockchain space so I appreciate the attempt to channel that passion into something that supports one of the great causes we’ve talked about. Healthcare improvements were a great topic for this class, and I think this idea would fit in nicely – how can we leverage all the data at our fingertips and do something great. It’s been a pleasure, and best of luck!

  4. DownEastDigital · ·

    My biggest takeaway from this class was the potential of blockchain to really change the way how everything is done but especially in the health sector. I think we’re leaning on AI a lot more and the combination of both is without a doubt the future. As seen with the new Twitter CEO’s background. I admire the scope of your idea and think that the biggest challenge will just be convincing people to take that initial leap. Thank you for your participation this semester and for sharing your ideas with us, you personally added value to this class for me. Best of luck going forward!

  5. This is a great last blog! I love that you are still pushing new digital ideas in your final blog. So many aspects of the healthcare industry feel antiquated and its ideas and approaches like this where I think this industry will be revolutionized before we know it. I agree that all of this medical data should not be owned by one entity. I’m looking forward to diving deeper into this.

    Thanks for making class this semester great!

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