What a way to make the turn

As I stated in my opening blogpost, this semester started the back half of my curriculum at Boston College. Up until this point I have essentially fulfilled the core classes as required by the curriculum with the remainder being dedicated to electives. #ISYS8621 (sorry habit including that hashtag) was unlike any course I’ve taken in the MBA program so far. Professor Kane’s headline, “Fair warning, this course will be different” on the course description page is spot on. This course was in fact different and different was good. I hope that some of the electives I take throughout my final 4 semesters have similar experiences to this class.

Beyond avoiding the classic midterm and final exam structure (I’ll be honest I’m enjoying my time right now writing this blog rather than studying for a final exam) this class has provided me a unique learning perspective that I really haven’t gotten in some of my other classes so far. Again, as advertised on the course description this course was HIGHLY interactive. This approach was a nice change to the typical lecture format I’ve been accustomed to in other classes. While other classes had case work and discussion in class, ISYS8621 takes it to the next level where the format of the class is essentially dedicated to open discussion amongst the class.

I really enjoyed the presentations throughout the semester. It was great to see the creativity around what we could all wrap into digital transformation. This freedom to present on what we wanted in my opinion further broadened what we were able to learn from each other each week. I still probably need to take a course on crypto, but no disrespect to the folks who had great presentations on different aspects of it through the semester.

As I reflect on some of my blogposts throughout the semester, I realized my topics often touched how digital transformation was negatively impacting an issue (education during COVID, the future of baseball, online ordering at restaurants). Despite this I still believe digital transformation to be a good thing and something that will further drive human progress (to steal a catchphrase from my employer). To make the counterpoint on my blogs, digital transformation is what made our continued education at Boston College possible during the pandemic, it’s helped some statistics make better decisions in baseball, and it’s allowed restaurants to provide services to their customers in non-traditional ways.

Getting myself on twitter was one of the more interesting experiences I have had throughout the semester. I’ll admit that the twitter account was the component of class I had the most thoughts around the “is this class for me?”, question that I had to answer after night 1 back in August. Looking back on it I had a lot of fun using the application throughout the semester. I did keep my posts and comments to this class only. I was hesitant to branch out beyond that given the culture of twitter that has taken a foothold throughout users in the app. I’m going to keep it for now. I don’t think I’ll post as regularly as I did throughout the semester but maybe I’ll make a cameo post from time to time.

I think keeping up with course beyond this semester might be what I look forward to the most. Knowing that the #ISYS8621 hashtag will live on as well as the class blog, it will be cool to see what next semesters students think of digital transformation. As for me this course influenced my decision to take digital strategy next semester. Will it have a similar feel to this class, that’s TBD, but the topics should be similar and very relevant to what I can expect to face in my career moving forward.


  1. parkerrepko · ·

    I also enjoyed the presentations – it was a great way for classmates to teach us about a topic that they are passionate about. I appreciate your point about digital transformation having positives. In this class, discussions often moved towards the dangers of technology. I think the presentations on how technology has helped people (or could help people) provided a good balance of positives vs. negatives. I have some healthy skepticism and genuine hope for the future.

  2. bengreen123 · ·

    The presentations were a big part of this class because they allowed people to bring their expertise in a format that was deeper than short form conversations (which were valuable as well).

  3. Nice post. I do welcome alumni to contribute to the #ISYS8621 hashtag. They rarely do, but when they do it’s usually a really great contribution.

  4. Wow, I hadn’t thought about how the hashtag will keep on going! I look forward to letting others tweet and teach me from here on out. It will be nice to sit back instead of trying to think if eye-catching comments lol.

    I’d be interested to know if the Digital Strategy course is similar in concept or structure to Digital Transformation. Let me know!

  5. DownEastDigital · ·

    I’ve been thinking about what to do with my Twitter and although I planned on deleting it I think I’m going to keep it. It’s turned into such an interesting way to look for information and after tweeting a bunch this semester, I really like the tweets they recommend for me. In terms of this class, I’m about to graduate and no elective I’ve taken is anything like this class. What I regret most after taking this class is not asking others in previous years what electives they’ve enjoyed as frequently as I should have. I really enjoyed the format of this class and felt like it was focused more on learning than just checking the boxes which are how some core classes can feel.

  6. DropItLikeItHox · ·

    Great final blog! Definitely agree that this class was a good exposure to technology and it’s up to you to learn more about the use cases, specifically blockchain. Seems that class isn’t offered next semester but maybe I’ll see you in the Fall? Also enjoyed the take on the #ISYS8621 hashtag. If I just follow that hashtag, I’ll get the same continued education for months and years!

  7. cloudbasedbrett · ·

    I’ll definitely follow the #isys8621 hashtag in the future and might even throw in a meme from time to time just to keep the class on their toes. We’ll have to find a day to DDoS (distributed denial of service) this class’ twitter page, probably right before they go into twitter discussions. Just have all of our class post with #d #isys8621 and see if we can exhibit another risk to digital transformation. Just kidding, kind of.

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