An Ode to all the Unwritten Blog Posts 

So if you think this is going to be an easy class, you should probably just leave now… (or something along those lines).

Professor Kane Fall 2021

I started so many blogs post this semester and left many half written. In my mind there was just too much to cover, and I would not have done the topic justice. My hope was that if I was lucky enough maybe a classmate would unknowingly write about a topic I was interested in diving into and sure enough many of you did – way to read my mind.  

Also, a huge shout out to all the blogs I did not know that I needed to know more about like Lemonade, RFID tags, hearables, and how wildlife has been impacted by digital transformation.  

When I think about what I thought this class would be like after the first day I remember thinking, well this seems like a good amount of work to keep up with and it can easily get out of control if I do not pace myself for the semester. In the end I spent a fair amount of time thinking about what to write about, reading and researching it, and then ultimately writing – and this was just for my own blog posts. Then on top of that the reading blogs for the week and hitting up twitter at least 4 times with some interesting content, and not to mention the surveys. Not an unsurmountable amount of work but it kept me busy. In the end we covered a lot of useful content but most importantly did it in a fun memorable way.  

Turning to my own digital transformation journey I wanted to understand how the use of technology had impacted the finance, healthcare, and project management industries. Ultimately, I covered the first two diving into Visa and presenting on how the treatment of diabetes has been positively impacted back advancements in technology. When it came to Project Management, I did not find the information fun to write about, so I just let that go but turned my sights on more fun topics which I had always wondered about but had never taken the time to learn about. The blogs I had the most fun writing (and finishing) were the Starbucks and Black Friday – the things you did not realize that you wanted to learn about presented by yours truly. 

In the grand scheme of things this class really reinforced that at the end of the day technology is always evolving and it is up to you to stay informed. Regardless of what industry you end up in, technology will always play a factor in how you do your work. I think that in order to navigate an everchanging landscape you need to be willing to do some of things we learned in navigating this class: 

  • Ask often “how has or will technology impact us”? 
  • Research, read and synthesize to share what you have learned. 
  • There will always be something new, learn to be a future forward-thinking leader. 
So your spending money on Old Technology? That's forward thinking. - Willy  Wonka Sarcasm Meme | Make a Meme

As we wrap up this class, I will share that this has been the most interactive classes I have taken throughout my MBA, also I do not think I have ever clapped at the end of a course. But back to the class itself, it was not only the most interactive, but also the most talkative class I have taken as a part-time student. I am sure it has to do with how the class was set up. But in all seriousness, you all made the class interesting, fun and thanks for all the great snacks – looking at you charcuterie board, homemade scones & meatballs.  

Also, to note there should be a description change highlighting that this class is really a self-directed class and students get to determine what is covered in depth throughout the semester. Sure, we had some structured reading assignments but overall, the fact that we got to choose the topics we covered and discussed in depth was a refreshing take on the lecture or case study teaching methodologies.  

In writing this last blog post I have found it a bit bittersweet. I am happy to be done with another semester, excited for those graduating and that I do not have to keep up with the work for this class after this week. On the other side of that is a bit of melancholy that now that when I find an interesting article about technology or have a digital transformation-like thought sharing it will not have the same reaction as it had throughout this semester. 


  1. barrinja1 · ·

    well, it’s been a nice run sitting in your section for class. I remember looking at each other last Wednesday being like “did we really just clap for a professor when the class ended?”
    Anyway, I like what you did with this blog, pulling out a few more general learning lessons, perhaps my favorite is around learning how to synthesize what we’ve read and distill it down to what’s important. What I liked about the format of not having exams was that there wasn’t constant pressure to know “the right things” and take really detailed notes or be stressed about studying. Instead, we focused on reading to learn, and notetaking to pull the truly important things out, in our own minds.
    Best of luck, and maybe see you around campus!

  2. parkerrepko · ·

    This class is definitely student-directed! I feel like months from now I’ll find a cool digital transformation article and want to share it with classmates and realize I won’t get the chance to discuss it with everyone. Hearing other people’s insights or reading what they find exciting has taught me much more than a lecture.

  3. Christina S · ·

    I always enjoyed reading your blogs/tweets and hearing your thoughtful perspectives in class, and will definitely be sad to miss out on that! I loved the title of this blog post as it reminded me that I had a whole list going in my phone of potential topics I wanted to explore, and was also grateful when a classmate would cover something of interest (or alternatively, cover something I would have had no idea about and wouldn’t have ever thought to consider!).

    This is such a great takeaway for the class – worth highlighting:

    “Regardless of what industry you end up in, technology will always play a factor in how you do your work. I think that in order to navigate an everchanging landscape you need to be willing to do some of things we learned in navigating this class:

    -Ask often “how has or will technology impact us”?
    -Research, read and synthesize to share what you have learned.
    -There will always be something new, learn to be a future forward-thinking leader”

  4. If you find an interesting article about technology and such, tweet it!! I’m hoping to stay connected to many of us as we move forward as I too found the discussions to be so valuable in this class.

    And I concur with Jake — enjoyed occupying the back left area of the classroom with you.

    Thanks for sharing your insights and for being a friendly face in what increasingly became a tough semester for me (looking at you COVID!)

    Good luck to you with your future endeavors and I’ll be keeping an eye out for some interesting tweets from you. :-)

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