An Undergrad Amidst the Sea of Grad Students

Surprise! For those of you who didn’t know – I am an undergraduate. Although mostly everyone knows at this point, so for those who did know i am an undergrad, surprise – I am STILL an undergraduate!! *Cue gasp* Haven’t failed out ………….yet.

I recall one presenter making a joke that poked fun at undergrad students. Upon hearing the remark, I sat there to myself and chuckled along, saying “Silly undergrads who do they think they are.” Meanwhile, I am an undergrad? Not sure what was going on in that moment…sleep deprivation? Probably. Nevertheless, I am tremendously grateful to take part in Digital Transformations this semester with all of you working individuals. 

Starting off my last blog post for Digital Transformations, I wanted to convey my appreciation to everyone who made this class so insightful. My senior year has been filled with many unexpected twists and turns, and this class just so happened to be one of those unexpected (but appreciated) turns. At this point, almost all of my classes include at least 5 people I know pretty well (or 1 person, at the very least). With Digital Transformations, however, I was offered a whole new range of people and consequent array of perspectives I had never heard. From Twitter discussions to presentations, I listened to stories from dads, lawyers, former professors, blue collar workers, private equity enthusiasts, BC administration, and even a former preacher (yes, this is you, Professor Kane) and it is safe to say, I would not have gotten this opportunity to hear such inquisitive comments in my other undergraduate coursed. So thank you to Professor Kane (who graciously let me into the class) and everyone else who shared their own ideas throughout the semester.  Your perspective did not go unnoticed.

As a soon to be graduate, Digital transformations gave me a glimpse into the post-college world. I took Professor Kane’s undergraduate course – TechTrek West – my sophomore year at BC, so my expectations coming-in presumed a similar experience. TechTrek was essentially a spin-off undergraduate version of Digital Transformation and while they do follow similar set-up in terms of blogs, Tweets, and presentations, the course content was always changing due to the constant transformation of technology. The depth of discussion, in this class as well, flowed at a vastly different level. People talked about co-workers, children, partners, and these insights got me imagining what my own life would look like next Fall.

Funny enough, when I look back to my TechTrek experience, my class presentation actually covered Facebook (surprise surprise FAANG yet again!) and my Powerpoint actually discussed Facebook’s Horizon (aka the Metaverse). Facebook Horizon’s, at the time, worked to define a new reality and empower people to experience anything. Facebook Horizon idea was simply just an idea in early 2020.

As my pre-COVID 2020 presentation discussed, Facebook’s Horizon was the first step into an ever-expanding world of connection.

“The program aimed to bring a more social aspect to virtual reality, creating almost ‘a second life’ for users, and this massive multi-player online world will even offer ‘citizenship’ for users to socially interact”. Yes, this is a quote from my presentation.

Shannon’s NEVER BEFORE-SEEN 2020 TechTrek Presentation

Getting to see Facebook’s Horizon transform into the Metaverse provided me a here-and-now example of how quick technology can change. Going from TechTrek in early 2020 to now taking Digital Transformations in late 2021, the way in which I got to see this progression unfold goes to show exactly what we’ve been discussing all semester: the mere capacity to which technology can change our world in a matter of months. Just as Facebook’s Horizon turned into the Metaverse, there is no doubt more digital transformations and disruptions are on their way. Therefore, in moving beyond Digital Transformations, we must not forget that our ability – as learners, employees, and leaders – to stay nimble in the face of disruption, quickly adapting to evolving tech infrastructure, will be our key to success. The only constant with technology nowadays is change, so staying adaptive, moving quickly, and embracing a digital future will ensure our own digital resiliency for the years to come.

Closing off, it’s hard for me to encapsulate this entire semester’s worth of knowledge into one single blog post, so I thought I’d leave you off with some gifs to highlight some memorable moments from class discussion. Disclosure: I am only ~slightly~ of joking with these.

*me every time my Twitter got more than 3 likes* “Yeah you could say I’m cool.”

*Professor Kane every time he announces twitter discussion*

When the Metaverse comes up ~yet again~ in class.

Me wanting to ask Fergus if this is possible.

*Me when Fergus asked if they’re are any undergrads in the class*

Also me this week trying to finish off 56 tweets and 44 blog comments. (…TAs/professor you didn’t see this.)

To all of you guys, thank you once again for sharing your ideas, thoughts, and perspectives. Now please excuse me while I go cry into my pillow and mourn the loss of #d tweets. Sweet dreams #ISYS8621.


  1. Christina S · ·

    What a great reflection, and kudos to you for your perseverance with all of us “post-grads” – I don’t think I realized you were an undergrad until well into the semester (which is a testament to how insightful and profound your blogs and comments were!). Love the memes at the end; I definitely felt the same way when I got 2 likes on my tweets.

    These are words to live by: “in moving beyond Digital Transformations, we must not forget that our ability – as learners, employees, and leaders – to stay nimble in the face of disruption, quickly adapting to evolving tech infrastructure, will be our key to success. The only constant with technology nowadays is change, so staying adaptive, moving quickly, and embracing a digital future will ensure our own digital resiliency for the years to come.”

    You will undoubtedly have much success in your post-college career and all of us grad students will wind up working for you one day :)

  2. llamadelmar · ·

    Shannon I would have never known you were an undergrad if you hadn’t mentioned it. I am glad that you were able to experience a class full of graduate students, all on different paths and providing their perspectives on technology. Personally I really enjoyed your gif summary of this class – they were pretty spot on.
    Good luck in your post-college career!

  3. You should think about a professional gig as a gif selector because you were SPOT ON! Lol. I think it’s really cool that you actively pursued an MBA class; It shows a lot of maturity and drive! And lastly, I agree that the key to handling disruption is staying “nimble”. Well said.

  4. albertsalgueda · ·

    You are not the only one mate, I can relate to that. It’s been an interesting course as you said, thank you for sharing this last blog and I hope you find major success from now on.
    Finally, let me say that your memes were super funny.

  5. DownEastDigital · ·

    TechTrek sounds like a great class, where did the “West” come from? I also would have had no idea that you were an undergrad until I heard you mention that before our last class, really impressive. I think the Metaverse meme is my favorite, although they all made me laugh.

  6. shanpopzaruba · ·

    Glad you enjoyed this class!!! Anything you heard me say about ResLife, no you didn’t! Thanks!

    But really, glad you were able to take a class like this your senior year — this has certainly been my favorite business class so far, so I hope you are able to bring this energy into any work space you may have in the future!! If at the very least, the gifs for the end of your emails.

    Best of luck on your last semester at BC!!!
    – Other Shannon

  7. parkerrepko · ·

    One of the strengths of this class was the contributions from people who bring their own unique perspectives, and that includes your perspectives as an undergrad! You bring up an important point about tech moving fast and connect it to your presentation a few years ago. There will be a lot to take from this class that can help us as consumers of tech to prepare for the rapidly evolving state of the world. (and I want to echo that the gifs are excellent!)

  8. Carlos Montero · ·

    Shannon excellent blog! You made me laugh so hard with your Gif so hard! A+ for creativity! You have a bright future ahead :)

  9. Bryan Glick · ·

    Just when I finish commenting on the blog by @karlp and applauding his extensive meme abilities, I find this GEM of a blog with just as relevant GIFs! Incredible blog @shannonreardon22, and good luck with finishing off your undergrad! If your participation in this class is any sign of what’s to come in your future post-undergrad, it’s bright.

  10. greenmonsterbc · ·

    Thanks for making a strong contribution to the class and for an excellent wrap up blog post. I’m glad were able to get some perspective from the other students, its always great to have a diverse set of backgrounds. A+ for the meme show.

  11. kaylacyrs · ·

    Shannon- I love the GIFS! You handled being an undergrad in the midst of grad students very well. I know you mentioned it but I seriously didn’t even notice. Thinking back to 4.5 years ago (GASP that is hard to say) when I was a senior in your shoes, I don’t think I would have wanted to be in a graduate class so I applaud you. I think I would have been nervous and not quite interested enough in hearing about people’s perspectives from the workforce to care. Looking back on it now, an experience like you had would be so useful before graduating. Good luck in the spring and enjoy every part of your last semester. I will see you at graduation!

  12. The metaverse gif wraps up my feelings oh so nicely. Especially hearing it become conversation in other classes as well. Glad you enjoyed the class! It is definitely a class I appreciate taking and doubly so if I was still an undergrad. Hope you get to enjoy your final semester without the fear of your weekly tweet and blogpost quota!

  13. lexgetdigital · ·

    Shannon, I had a feeling you were an undergrad but only because you seemed to look a little less tired than the rest of us! You did a great job in the course and should be really proud of yourself (having taken graduate courses (law, of course!) as an undergrad, I know exactly how weird you must’ve felt). Your presentation was early on and really impressive as well. Thanks for your contributions this semester! Keep soaring high, fellow Eagle!

  14. Shannon, your gif game is indeed strong! Like many, no idea you were an undergrad but this class must have been a great experience for you to have at this stage in your studies/career. Wish you all the best in the future!

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