Final Blog (I’m out of clever titles)

One thing from this class that I’m sure most of us can relate, is how little I actually know of the constant changes and innovations that are constantly being worked on and released. How Covid may have hurt a lot of companies, but it also allowed for so many more to innovate and be stronger than ever.

In my first blog post, I spoke about how uncomfortable about I am about the blog posts and writing on Twitter. Though I did occasionally forget about my weekly quota of tweets and would push four out in a single hour, it was overall not a bad experience. It allowed me to be in a much more constant state of learning about the news of the world. When typically, I can just focus on school or work and be able to miss all of these exciting changes happening in the world.

My biggest difficulty in this class all the way up to this very moment, is to try and figure out what I want to blog about. Only finally making my decision the day that the blog itself is due. Even a couple of times I would see a classmate cover a topic that I was planning to do for myself and had to veer off to a new topic so that I would not get shown up. I was originally going to make this final blog post about the ethics of AI and go more in depth of what we had spoken in class. But alas, this post is to just wrap up the semester!

The blog and twitter really made this class have a sense of comradery that is unlike any other classes I have taken at Boston College or anywhere. Most classes that have the students form up together are the ones that give you trial by fire. Digital Transformation had more of a sense of Community and genuine interests that everyone shared. We were all excited each week to bring a topic to class and discuss it more. But if I have to have another conversation about the Metaverse I might just lose my mind.

Even the presentations were enjoyable! Fortunately, I had gotten mine done and out of the way early in the semester then just got to sit back and enjoy everyone else’s’ so I might have a bit of bias. Without the presentations and blog posts, I may have never heard of Lidar, Lemonade insurance, or Web 3.0 (before it becomes big.) So obviously this class is a bit different with the focus being what we want to learn about rather than the strict syllabus. Even though there was some structured lesson plan, those were always more enjoyable as we got to break them down in our groups and then with the entire class as well. The structure of the class is definitely something that I’ve appreciated, especially right now with finals finally approaching us. Very disappointed to hear that this class will not be returning in the Spring as I had told a lot of classmates that despite the warning given on the first day, this is a very enjoyable class. Considering some of the alternatives, it is not difficult to just keep up with the consistent workflow and then we also get snacks! I still have dreams about Parker’s great meatballs. That doesn’t sound exactly right, but I stand by it.

Looking back at the course description in the syllabus, I did not expect it to be so accurate. This class is for certain different, it did take me a few weeks to figure out what was going on, it is HIGHLY interactive, the workload is heavy and steady but there are no midterms or finals. What is definitely the most true, is that we are expected to learn from and teach our peers. Without everyone participating in this class, we would not have had the great experience that we’ve had. This easily could have turned into a class where we listen to lecture, discuss the reading, and then go home. But the contribution is really what made this class so enjoyable and showing up every Wednesday at 7pm.

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  1. Shannon Reardon · ·

    Every time I hear the word meta verse now, I have a gut reaction of “oh no”. So I can relate.

    Regardless though, thank you for your thoughtful reflection on the course. The camaraderie of the class -both online and in-person- attributed to my genuine interest of the course as well, and really motivated me to find more engaging topics for tweets and blog posts. Appreciated your insights as well during class discussions.

  2. DownEastDigital · ·

    Just mentioned something similar in regards to the Metaverse, Shannon has a great gif to go with that though on her blog! I agree on this class being unlike any other I’ve taken. I think I really lucked out being in class with all of you and really enjoyed hearing everyone’s different perspectives. I knew this class was going to be interactive and the level of connectivity still exceeded expectations. Best of luck going forward.

  3. shanpopzaruba · ·

    It’s been so lovely to be in this class together and to get to know each of you without it feeling competitive! I think that part has felt different than other classes in the MBA — it felt like we all genuinely were interested in seeing each other succeed, so the feedback alway felt like it was coming from a good place! Thanks for this blog!!
    – someone who also would frequently forget her tweets hahaha

  4. Kanal Patel · ·

    I totally agree with the comradery in this class has been unlike any of my other classes. Also feel you on the blog post topics haha It was hard to find something that someone else hasn’t already covered! Thanks for the Blog and best of luck!!

  5. Bryan Glick · ·

    Man, you pretty much wrote the blog that I was trying and failing to articulate haha great job! I completely agree on how difficult some of the more irregular deliverables were to complete, like this blog, especially while balancing it with other more standard course loads. But it’s definitely clear that putting in the effort was well worth it for the valuable comments and perspectives you receive in return.

    And seriously @parkerrepko… those meatballs were out of this world.

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