I understand the Digital Hype a bit more now…

From creating a twitter account for the first time to writing Blogs, there were a lot of first for me in this course. It’s the first class where I saw not only peoples career backgrounds coming into the conversation but everyone’s interests also showing through the conversations, discussions, and presentations. In my first Blog I was wondering what the hype around digital transformation is all about. I can say I understand it a bit more now.

One class that stands out for me is the blockchain class. I know more than I did before but I’m more confused than I was before too haha I admire everyone who is super invested in the topic. Maybe with enough passion, I can learn more about this topic as it’s becoming prevalent. But in the meantime, this is my take on it:

I would read some of the blogs and it would hinder more curiosity in me. I would often research the topics further. I experienced writers block for the first time too perhaps. It was hard to come up with what topic to write about each time it was my groups turn. My boyfriend would be sick of me asking him what I should write about haha. But eventually there was always a topic that I was interested in and that was not already covered. The comments on the blog were all encouraging and kind; I was not expecting that. I was almost expecting brutal honesty because quite frankly I sometimes felt my blogs could have been better when I re-read them.

The layout of the course was unique (as we were warned on day 1) but I think it works really well for the course. Had this not been the layout it would be impossible to keep up with everything that’s going on in the ever-changing digital world. I do agree with he feedback that we discussed a lot about the FAANG companies, and it would have been nice to see other smaller companies or start ups coming into the picture. I think we missed that aspect of digital transformation during our class discussions.

I enjoyed the group sessions in class; it was nice to get to know some of the classmates a bit better. It made the class a lot more enjoyable and engaging. The content posted for discussions was well thought out and informative.

My favorite speaker has to be the Amazon Alexa speaker. He was great and had rich content to share with the class. After that session I ask Alexa what she heard every time she lights up for no reason. I also asked it erase all of her history haha #Paranoia.

I found myself often getting into conversations revolving around topics we discussed in class with people at work or friends as well. The twitter feed definitely helped me keep up to speed on a lot of what was happening in the digital/tech industry. I hope to continue following the #ISYS8621 hashtag (only took a semester to memorize the hashtag) and the Blogs.

I want to end my blog with the feedback that we were doing for the presentation. I would say the class format was great (particularly snack time – my favorite was the pumpkin scones and charcuterie board!). I think improvement in bringing in more smaller companies and innovative companies into discussions would be beneficial. And lastly, would love to hear more on which twitter topics stood out to Professor Kane every week. With that, thanks everyone for a very fun and enriching semester.


  1. I felt the “I don’t know what I’m doing” meme on a deep level, Lol. I’m surprised I haven’t heard more people mention the group sessions because I also really enjoy them. Group A always had great conversations…to the point that we were always the last group back in class.

  2. albertsalgueda · ·

    Thank you too for this last blog!
    The Blockchain meme really made me laugh hahaha I agree, the presentations were a great way to explore new concepts and companies. Snacks were heaven.
    I hope your future career is full of successes, good luck!

  3. DownEastDigital · ·

    I agree with you that my favorite week of this course was the one where we looked at blockchain. Something I wouldn’t have taken too much time to understand ordinarily but I came away so optimistic and hopeful. I really enjoy hearing of people’s backgrounds and even just of stories from random friends like the ones you have in the supply chain. It makes class such an interesting place as we learn about each other and also the course content. I know you’re in my other class this semester, which is quite the opposite! Best of luck going forward.

  4. Kanal, do you think you’ll keep up with Twitter and/of blogging? For me, Twitter is the most natural platform for regular use but it’s been years since I did any kind of regular blogging and it was neat to get back into that. I had to look up my WordPress log-in credentials from 2007!! I don’t know if I can keep up blogging without the structure of a course, but it might make for a nice new years resolution? (and probably easier than going to the gym!)

    I’ve appreciated your comments and insights and wish you luck in your future!

    1. Kanal Patel · ·

      Oh I meant reading the blogs and tweets of the next class haha definitely not contributing :)

    2. cloudbasedbrett · ·

      @ravidjain I agree with your twitter perspective. I don’t really blog that much; I follow a few blogs, but I don’t publish any. However, this semester has gotten me into twitter a lot. I might change back to my personal twitter, but also might just switch the email associated with my current account and keep on going. I like the following I’ve developed (both followers and following) on my CBB account than my personal account.

  5. greenmonsterbc · ·

    Strong summary of the course, I enjoyed how you highlighted not just the positive aspects but also some of the challenges you faced. I too thought I generally understood blockchain, but ended up more confused after learning more about it. Now you’ll just have to create your twitter burner account…

  6. cloudbasedbrett · ·

    Amazing memes! haha, this blog made me laugh throughout. I thought the speaker for the Alexa was the best in-person presenter I have had at BC thus far. He was engaging and I could feel that the class was engaged by the fact that he barely got through his slides. Great job!

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