RA Evalu- I mean Final Blog Thoughts

(I tried several times to be witty with this but I have written 10/18 RA performance evaluations so all my brain can see right now is skills and opportunities for growth, which isn’t the worst format for closing reflections, so here we go!)

I am genuinely glad I ended up taking this course, however it was a close call. Most times, any kind of aggressive warnings in the syllabus like the one for this course is usually not a good sign for the kind of experience a class will have, but this was an exception! 

Strengths in the course! 

The individual presentations were a really lovely way to peek into each person’s experience or the things they wanted to learn about. I loved being able to see their personal things, like dog or family photos. This is my first in-person class in the MBA program and I appreciated getting to know each person a bit better than just commenting on their discussion post. It was also a way to bring my own experience, which is a little different, to the course work! It was a plus that it was an individual presentation, since being in the part-time program has made group work a bit challenging in the past. Naturally, the timing was an obstacle but it made class go quickly. 

The class structure itself helped to move the 7:00 – 9:30 pm slot along quickly. I recall taking a counseling course during the same slot and we were checking the clock constantly. The presentations, Twitter chats, and then course content schedule moved things along quickly! 

While not a high impact activity, the snacks for class were super helpful and a lovely way to chat with the folks around me! 

Opportunities for the future! 

I think we spoke briefly about it, but we could have certainly spent more time discussing how identity impacts digital transformation for both the organization and the user. Alexandra Maldonado wrote about the digital tech industry and the efforts of the businesses to hire a more diverse workforce, but it could have been a whole week’s worth of content. Not only should we discuss that businesses are doing the work of recruiting a diverse workforce, but we should intentionally discuss how to create environments that not only utilize technology appropriately but also ensure equity and inclusion. Given the nature of the stellar people in this course, we hopefully are training (if not already there) to be decision-makers in their chosen field. We can all have a positive impact and ensure our organizations value equity, diversity, and inclusion as much as we do! From what I paid attention to, we had a good diversity of speakers and content in our syllabus (thanks!), but given the importance of the content, it could be good to dedicate the time in class to speak about it. 

Dec 12, 2017; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Dwayne Johnson, star/producer of Jumanji, is photographed at the Roosevelt Hotel. Mandatory Credit: Dan MacMedan-USA TODAY

Overall thoughts: 

I enjoyed getting to know the people in this class as well as learning about digital transformation in a variety of industries from pet insurance to actual insurance to AVR. As I mentioned in my presentation, my field has several opportunities to grow but particularly in their digital technology. It was encouraging to know that I certainly wasn’t alone in facing this particular challenge. As a follow up to my presentation, we are currently working to hire the new director of operations (the person who would oversee the software update) so we are interested to see how that person reacts to our current system(s). Hopefully, they can see the value in upgrading our software to meet the demonstrated needs of our department and our constituents — our on campus students. I’ll keep y’all posted on Twitter! 

Advice for incoming students: 

  1. Set calendar invites the first few weeks to get into the groove of things. It took a little bit of time to get into the flow of the course, and I appreciate the grace given in the first few weeks, but the calendar invites were helpful for the blogs, blog comments, and Twitter posts. 
  2. For Twitter specifically, post about what is interesting for you! The first few weeks, I kept trying to think about what others would want to see in the class, but truthfully I didn’t know most of you that well — so I didn’t end up posting enough. Since then, while I am still on topic, I post about things that are in the middle of the Venn diagram of things that are related to the course and what shows up on my “For You” page. 
  3. Be open to the course experience! It is a really helpful course but does take a little bit of time to jump into — I left the first day feeling fairly apprehensive, but stayed in it because the professor seemed interesting and seemed to care about the course content. Professor Kane has been a wonderful instructor during this semester and created a really positive environment for our class to engage in these discussions, sharing his reasoning, and being understanding when life happens. 

I recommend this course as a part of the MBA curriculum and will miss our weekly conversations! Congratulations to those who are graduating this semester and don’t forget to post your diploma on Twitter!!


  1. Shannon Reardon · ·

    I personally appreciate the abundance of the Rock pictures.

    Your line about intentionally discussing environments that “not only utilize technology appropriately but also ensure equity and inclusion” is a great topic to consider for the future, particularly how tech can be capitalized for enhanced diversification and the subsequent ethical issues that come along with biased algorithms. This topic reminds of @mwalters22 post (a week or two ago) about using tech to recruit more diverse team members into the workplace! A worthwhile topic for discussion, most definitely.

  2. The warnings almost got me too. I really liked your idea of discussing digital identity, but I think it would be neat to examine it as individual digital identity. There could be an entire course on how one creates a digital identity, how leaders build empires off of them, and the ethics of identity creation. You have sparked so many questions…this could have been a blog post!

  3. Kanal Patel · ·

    I really liked your point on discussing the presentation topics in class a bit further. I know I was really interested in the Alexa presentation and decided to do a voice recognition Blog Post. Love all the Rock pictures too haha Thank You for the post and good luck!!

  4. kaylacyrs · ·

    I agree about how fast each class went. I did not find myself checking the clock very often – if ever. The class was the perfect combination of knowing exactly what is going to happen each class and not knowing what is going to happen at all. We knew the format each week but the discussion could take any direction which was exciting. It was great to learn about your experience this semester as a fellow BC employee. Good luck with the rest of the program!

  5. llamadelmar · ·

    I appreciate the call out in the blog about such an important topic. I do agree that we had some great discussions but thinking back I would have liked to had have a more meaningful discussion around the lack of diversity in this digital era. Especially in a room filled with future leaders of organizations I would have loved to hear the different perspectives.

  6. lexgetdigital · ·

    I lucked out in not being at the first class, so I wasn’t as scared going in. Nonetheless, glad I stayed and I’m glad you did, too! I appreciated you bringing your own unique, yet completely understandable, perspective to the class and our Group A discussions! I think BC’s ResLife is really lucky to have you — someone who’s looking at problems with eyes wide open and with an obviously caring demeanor. Wishing you all the best!

  7. totombc2021 · ·

    I am 100% here for the Rock theme haha. But seriously think this blog would be super helpful to incoming students!

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