And Just like That… Another Semester in the Books

Looking back on this semester and Digital Transformation in particular, one thought can’t escape my mind… How has an entire semester’s worth of class already passed us by?!

I can easily remember my mindset while writing the expectations blog, getting all worked up over the explicit warnings Professor Kane gave us all on how different this class would be. And while he was definitely not lying about the unique class style, I now realize there was really no need for my hesitation to stay because this class has been exactly what I’ve been looking for in my MBA- a course that puts the students in the driver’s seat and allows us to get whatever we want out of our time dedicated to #ISYS8621 (Thanks, Twitter… I will never forget that course number due to the hashtag). Coming from some more finance and accounting heavy courses, this sort of higher-level analysis and discussion was like music to my ears.

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“#ISYS8621 #ISYS8621 #ISYS8621 #ISYS8621 #ISYS8621 #ISYS8621 #ISYS8621 #ISYS8621 #ISYS8621” – My brain while trying to fall asleep after this semester

I was reviewing the weekly agendas for class before writing this blog and could not find a single class that did not provide some sort of value to me. Even for the classes I had less of an interest in, a student presentation or guest speaker would always grab my attention and teach me some sort of valuable information I had no previous knowledge on. Especially regarding guest speakers, I think those segments were probably my favorite times in class. To hear real-world scenarios from leaders in industries so important to my own career was a great privilege. If there is one suggestion I have for next class, it is to provide the same caliber of guest speaker to the next group of students. Being in the retail/grocery software industry, the advice and discussions coming from guest speakers like Fergus O’Donoghue were incredibly relatable to my own career path and will hopefully help me make more informed career decisions somewhere down the line.

And speaking of guest speakers, this was also the first (and probably only) book release party I’ve had in class. Hearing about how “The Transformation Myth” came to fruition between the authors was a cool experience. The different perspectives from each author gave the book a lot more depth while reading, and hearing everyone’s own take on how it came together was a unique discussion I haven’t had in any class before. Thank you, Professor Kane, for setting that up and being an open book (nice pun, I know) for the class on the role you played in the book’s creation. Your perspective not only on the book, but on digital transformation in the world today, was the glue that tied all these class discussions and topics together at the end of the day.

I think I also have such a positive experience looking back on this class because of how encouraged we were to pursue our interests and truly own the outcome for the class. Being an electric and autonomous vehicle enthusiast and wanting to learn more about web3/blockchain, it was really empowering to be able to use those as my lenses for digital transformation in our world today. Already knowing sporadic bits and pieces of technology and information on the industries, this course helped me centralize and expand my knowledge while also sharing it with the rest of the class through blogs, tweets and in-person discussions. Even though our scheduled time together was only from 7-930 on Wednesdays, this is the first class I’ve been in where I could engage in discussion with other students at almost any time during the week through the class hashtag. I was never a Twitter user prior to September, so that whole requirement gave me a decent amount of stress each week. As the semester progressed though, it was clear how valuable of a tool Twitter can be. Even as our hashtag time ends, I think I have finally been converted to a full time Tweeter.

So, to finally answer my initial September blog titled “What Exactly am I Getting Into?”, ISYS 8621 provided the foundational knowledge I was craving for in terms of digital transformation in a broad variety of industries and markets.

As the old saying goes, you never truly appreciate anything until it is gone. That sentiment runs especially deep for me this semester in a lot of different ways, one of them being our time in class together talking anything and everything related to this brand-new digital age. Not only were the lectures and guests always relevant in some way to my career and interests, but it also feels like every single student in that class also taught me something that I will take with me far beyond Fulton 415. It was so clear how invested everyone was in presenting a quality observation and analysis of Digital Transformation, and I sincerely appreciate how many unique market and industry lenses we were able to talk transformation through.

If anyone ever wants to talk EVs or crypto or take me up on that offer to drive my Tesla, I’m sure I’ll still be hanging around the Twitterverse after this week.

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  1. Kanal Patel · ·

    Glad you brought up the book release. I can now say I have been to a Book Release! I loved the discussions in class as well. I couldnt agree more in that everyone was invested into the class and discussions and that made the class that much more fun and engaging. Want to give credit to Prof. Kane here as the “moderator” for class – he was amazing!! Thanks for the post, and Good Luck!

  2. I couldn’t agree more with loving the classes approach of how encouraged we were to pursue our interests and truly own the outcome for the class. I think this made class presentations and class in general so much more interesting. Whether it was electric vehicles, advancing sports/medical technology, or cryptocurrency, I was learning something new and fascinating in each and every class.

    I feel lucky that was had such a great class cohort that made our class this semester so great.

  3. Couldn’t agree more Bryan! Even though some or even a lot of we learned this semester won’t be applicable to my career, the aspect of continuing to research and see what is new and innovative, will always be useful. The few classes I did have to miss, always felt like I was missing something great and didn’t have the same enjoyment watching the recordings on Panapto.

    1. DropItLikeItHox · ·

      This was a great wrap up of the semester! I wholeheartedly agree with yourself and the rest of the comment section: this class gave you freedom to pursue interests while also exposing you to aspects of business and technology that we hadn’t heard of. One of my biggest epiphanies was in the blockchain class where I learned of the hundreds of use cases of blockchain that popped up over the past 5 years while I was busy looking at prices of bitcoin and other cryptos. Definitely opened up my mind to what is possible and to continue researching and reading about what else is out there.

  4. rjperrault3BCCGSOM · ·

    I felt the same way Bryan, this semester sure did fly by. I think you’re correct that part of it going by quick so that the class was more than just a class once a week. This was the first class I’ve taken where pretty much everyday I could interact with everyone in the class if I chose to go on twitter.

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