Reflections of ISYS8621:

As I write this final blog, I have Covid and it’s my birthday. So it’s an interesting time for me to look back on an interesting class. This was also my first course taken in-person since Covid began for some perspective

It was certainly a breath of fresh air to have a class so heavily focused on peer insights. One of the things that seemed to be have been missing from the MBA program was the sharing of insights from people across backgrounds and industries. Most classes focus very much on textbooks and academia, whereas this one is hyper focused on the real world around us.

Personally I can’t say I excelled in this format. It was challenging to juggle responsibilities and the overflowing plate that many part time MBA students make for themselves. Getting and keeping the creative juices flowing was no simple task. But I wouldn’t say that’s a reflection on the class, it’s more just burnout of someone who needs to learn to say no sometimes.

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One of the things I appreciate most is how “tapped-in” I’ve become over the past few months. I feel much more current on the bleeding edge of digital transformation and the future than I ever did before. Partially from doing research and digging for interesting topics, and partly by the crowd-sourcing being done by the amazing like-minded individuals. Certainly was some of the most consistent, thought provoking discussion happening on the BC campus as far as I’m aware. Professor Kane was an expert mediator, tying in real world examples where applicable, and finding the nuggets of wisdom in the super niche rabbit holes we dug.

Also would like to give a shoutout to the guest speakers! They were super topical and brought a lot of the concepts and themes we had been discussing to life!

In closing I’d like to thank everyone. It was a truly eye-opening and inspiring few months! I can’t wait to reference some of these ideas and presentations out in the wild someday, and hope to stay in touch!


  1. rjperrault3BCCGSOM · ·

    Happy Birthday Matt! And hope you get better soon. I hear you on the whole burnout thing. I feel like COVID in a lot of ways was a catalyst for burnout. I felt like I worked more during the pandemic than before it and its been a grind. I’m looking forward to these next 5-6 weeks to relax a bit and recharge the batteries before starting up again for the spring semester.

  2. kaylacyrs · ·

    Happy Birthday Matt – I am sorry to hear you have covid. I hope your symptoms are mild! As a fellow part time MBA-er I agree that this class was a difficult format to keep up with at some points. You have to turn off your work brain and on your school brain at different points in the day to keep up with all of the deliverables this class required. I also agree with your sentiments that this course made me feel more tapped in and aware of what is going on in the technology world and it made me feel comfortable to weave it into everyday conversation. Thanks for a great semester and get well soon!

  3. Shannon Reardon · ·

    Happy Birthday Matt!! I appreciate your honesty regarding the class structure. It can be hard to juggle all the work some weeks, but allowing for the creative piece definitely inspired me to get it done. Like you said, tapping into tech this semester had us staying current with digital transformations and I cannot say I would know as much as I do now about the meta verse than in September – still deciphering whether this is a good or bad thing.

    Regardless, feel better and hopefully getting COVID will offer some down time in your busy schedule.

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