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To Blog or to Vlog?

That is the question.

Varsity (e-Sports) Athletes

Back at the Naval Academy, I had a friend who was on the varsity offshore sailing team.  Technically he “lettered” every year, but he refused to call himself a “varsity athlete,” because he didn’t feel he had earned the title.  Of course, we always asked him to wear his “N-star” sweater (a right reserved for […]

One Small Step for Man…

The reasons why real hoverboards and everything else you want don’t exist.

AI: A Political Platform?

A response to @markdimeglio

RIP Facebook

Maybe Facebook is going down, but I hope not because then I’m losing money.

LOL: Why Facebook “Science” is Fake News

Facebook says they can manipulate our emotions. I think they stretched the truth.

Why Snapchat Looks Different

There has to be some sort of reason why everything got worse…

I Can’t Make Pizza

“Pizza” is a skiing term. My experience with skiing is an analogy for what I expect from this class.

Test Post