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Mixed Reality: The Reason Our Kids Will Laugh At Us

  What are Augmented and Mixed Reality? You have likely heard of virtual and augmented reality but I bet a lot of you are not too familiar with their cousin, mixed reality, also called hybrid reality. It is considered a subset of augmented reality. The difference? Mixed reality gives its users the ability to interact with […]

5 Ideas For Your Next Blog Post

It’s coming close to the end of the year and that means that we have all written one too many blog posts. If you’re finding yourself endlessly searching for interesting topics and running out of ideas, you’re not alone. I began searching this week and discovered an array of topics that I thought might be […]

Will Artificial Intelligence Take Your Job or Your Grandkid’s Job?

  Background You’ve heard this before, machines are and will continue to replace human workers… but how worried should you actually be? From my calculations… pretty worried.     Everyday human beings make thousands of decisions on a conscious and subliminal level. These decisions are dictated by our paradigms of the world, our emotions, and […]

The Future of Language

Linguistics, the study of language and its structure, must continually redefine its boundaries during this time of increasingly complex communications. In its simplest form, language is a grouping of sounds or gestures that a community of members agree upon, without agreement, the sounds and gestures are meaningless. Let’s explore what the future holds for language in […]

How Entrepreneurs Are Making Money Off Your Eyes

Eye tracking technologies have been around for years. They use a combination of different sensory technologies to know not only where your eyes are looking, but also what they are focused on specifically. In the near future, they will likely be embedded in our mobile devices, TVs, and laptops. The leading companies in the field are […]

You’re an Idiot, Why Would You Join a Start-up?

Last week I presented on a music technology company myself and two other recent Boston College graduates started two years ago called EchoMe . Creating a consumer app nowadays that is claiming to be a new social media is a type of occupational suicide; most people pat you on the back but are likely heavy critics […]

Dear Social Media,

I remember my first encounter with you. I was a mischievous 12-year-old boy who was one day told by my parents that I was not allowed to have a Myspace account. Of course, the next day I set up a Myspace (R.I.P). My parents so graciously blessed me with a last name as a first […]