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Keeping up with the… times? Kardashians? Both.

In my first post of the semester, I talked about committing, as a professional, to stay current with the evolution of social media and digital business. I was eager to build the skillset to help keep up, and hoped that this course would support my development. Having gone on Tech Trek West last spring, I […]

Activism, slacktivism, and social media

Activism can encompass a broad range of behaviors. Protesting, letter writing, and organizing in the community can all be considered activism. So can boycotting, civil disobedience, lobbying, and political campaigning. Have you called your senator about any recent votes in Congress? You too are an activist. For those of us from swing states or with swing […]

Social Media and Recruiting

Many of you out there may be in a similar boat to me – seeing graduation coming faster than you were expecting, and trying to sort out what comes next. If you are not recruiting on campus, then you have scores of potential opportunities and are probably trying to slowly but surely narrow them down. […]

The scoop on inbound marketing

If you’re like me, you’ve often heard the phrase ‘inbound marketing’ but never really thought about what it means. What does it mean to you? If you’d asked me a few months ago, I would’ve mumbled something about search engine optimization then changed the subject. I’m here to protect you from that fate. The term […]

Who is stealing your cookies?

Have you ever considered a purchase, decided against it, then had the couch/shoes/tent follow you across platforms to try to change your mind? This semester, we’ve talked a lot about the creepy/cool spectrum – useful innovations that can very quickly seem intrusive. I fall on the more conservative end of this spectrum. I have no […]

Millennials and CSR

Fortune 500 firms currently spend more than $15 billion per year on corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities – a number  that researchers say is rapidly rising. Whereas companies generally used to have very small CSR divisions, these teams are growing and taking on more responsibility within their corporations. While the core tenet of increasing value for […]

Hit the ground running

When I started my MBA last fall, I thought I had a solid understanding of social media, if not digital business. I’d been working in the nonprofit sector for about six years. In my last job, I occasionally managed our social accounts when someone was on maternity leave or we had a vacant position. I learned […]