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These are my #reflections

What a semester! So much content and so many interesting discussions that have taken place in the classroom, on Twitter and over the comment section on blogs. It is hard to analyze the whole semester, so instead I have broken it down into the parts I found most meaningful and have decided to reflect upon […]


I have always found the Boston Marathon to be an inspiring event to watch. Yesterday, as my friends and I cheered on two of our classmates at Mile 25 who were running, I was really humbled by one particular runner who I saw run by. He was a male who was extremely fit looking, running […]

Social Media Obituaries

Typically, I blog about digital businesses and how social media has impacted the wedding industry. Today, however, I want to blog about something more personal. This past Sunday, my grandmother passed away. She was a wonderful woman who was hilarious and had an impeccable taste in fashion. She was a large part of my life […]

Amazon Books: Doors are Open.

Last month, Amazon opened its fourth brick-and-mortar bookstore called Amazon Books in Dedham, Massachusetts’ Legacy Place shopping center. The first three locations are on the West Coast in California, Washington and Oregon. There are plans to open at least four more locations on the East Coast, but rumor has it that the plan is to […]

#WedTech and the Wallet of the Digital Bride

Following up on some questions about wedding costs that I received in response to my class presentation, The Digital Bride, I decided to do some deeper digging. The most common question I received was asking whether or not using wedding planning websites, such as WeddingWire or The Knot, has decreased the overall cost of weddings. The average […]

E-commerce and Retargeting

Originally posted on ISYS6621: Social Media and Digital Business:
E-commerce has come a long way since it became a popular and socially acceptable way of purchasing one’s household items and clothing. Although it was pioneered in the 1980s as a Business-to-Business prototype by Michael Aldrich, e-commerce did not take off as a popular B2C activity…

The Overwhelming World of Social Media

My initial reaction to social media thus far is that it is extremely overwhelming. The newsfeed on my shiny new Twitter account refreshes so often that I could sit here all day and read it and the comments from my limited number of followers just to stay on top of what everyone is saying and […]