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Managing and Increasing Virality in 2017: Further Reflection

It is incredible to see how one viral video can create such buzz in the media. This phenomenon has given companies a new way to help connect consumers to their brands. Reflecting on the “Sony and JK Wedding Dance” case we read, companies such as Sony have had to learn how to deal with how […]

The iPhone X and Digital Business: Presentation Follow Up

At least once a year people gather together to watch the CEO of Apple unleash the company’s newest product and software updates. This year, Apple introduced a new state of the art phone called the iPhone X. Many have wondered exactly how this phone will be different from every other iPhone that has been released […]

Google and the 80/20 Rule

Innovation. It’s a term that several companies use to define internal success and it is what many organizations work hard to accomplish. Many of these businesses have different techniques they use to achieve this success. One example is Google. It has paved the way for other companies such as Xerox, for instance, by developing a […]

Hollywood and Crowdsourcing

Who would have thought that there was so much strategy behind using the audience on such a popular show like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, or even behind guessing the recipients behind some of Hollywood’s most prestigious awards shows such as The Oscars? I sure didn’t. Being such a media and entertainment junkie, I […]

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