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Petition for #ISYS8621 to Continue on Twitter

To begin this post I wanted decided to think back to the first day of class… I remember considering dropping the course because I then thought Professor Kane was scary (anyone else!?) based on his long syllabus and first class warning on the amount of work and interaction.  I thought that I did not have […]

Looking For More Ideas!

Interestingly enough- currently at my work we are running an innovation challenge in which teams need to submit ideas to for uses of AI that can improve our finance teams and help them become more efficient.  This brings me back to the conversation we had in class (also discussed in the book) of the best […]

A More Relaxing Vacation- Brought To You By Technology!

As we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel with COVID many of us are having an itch to get back to traveling.  When the pandemic hit many hotels, restaurant and casinos suffered immensely from reduced business, some even temporarily closing their doors to be able mitigate impacts.  As consumers begin […]

Brands Taking a Creative Approach at Influencer Marketing

As a follow up on my presentation I wanted to dive a little deeper into why I think influencer marketing is only going to increase in the coming years.  We will see brands investing more into online personas who connect at a deeper level with target audiences. “74% of customers say they are most influenced […]

The Future of Insurance

The insurance industry has always been a slow mover in adapting to change and new tech.  Mark Anquillare the COO and group president at Verisk had said “It’s highly likely that the insurance industry will change more in the next 15 years than it has in the previous 100.” This is primarily driven by 3 […]

Technology & The Ability To Make Money in a “Non Traditional” Sense

Leaving Fulton hall last Wednesday night, I was very excited about the material in the upcoming course. I have always been interested in the ever-changing space of technology but haven’t spent a ton of time doing reading/ research to keep up with new technologies and advancements that are entering the market every day. The structure […]