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So long, Farewell

I’ve never been good at goodbyes and frankly I’ve rarely say goodbye to a course or class or professor its usually more aligned with “see you never”. But this class was different. It was a created community, but in the classroom and outside as we were constantly connected and communicating through this blog and over twitter. This […]

Digital Gift Giving

My sister’s birthday is coming up and I’m wondering what to get her. I went online to a number of her favorite stores and saw many had options to virtually send gifts. This idea has been around for a while as I remember years ago my aunt sent me a $5 gift card to Starbucks […]

How Did We Live Without These Apps: Top 5 Best College Apps

Sometimes I wonder how people survived without smartphones. I’m being completely honest when I say how I don’t understand how there weren’t significantly more accidents when people were trying to find their way and they had to use physical maps while driving. We think texting and driving is dangerous, imagine losing complete site due to […]

Tree Pose = More Likes

We’ve all seen them. Our friend makes it to the top of a mountain with a beautiful view: cue tree pose. Our other friend visits a beach, hence the headstand next to a candidly timed sunset. Or perhaps a pretty background with some crazy method of wrapping their legs behind their head. In any form, […]

I Have Wedding Invitations and No Groom

Fair warning, this post is far less about my personal life but more of an introduction into the mind of someone who actually likes Pinterest. This hopes to serve as an educational piece for men (or women) who find this platform to be as confusing as fantasy football is to me. Pinterest’s mission is to help people discover […]

Together, Yet Alone

Look at them, this is just not right. It wasn’t always like this, no, this is a new sickenss. Everyone’s together, all alone. No, this was not the beginning of a horror movie, but in fact the beginning of what was a terrifying, true, and beautifully created commercial by SONOS. I first saw this during […]

October 31, 2009: My Last Day of Freedom

  November 1, 2009 was the day I got a Facebook. I am fairly certain I was the last person on the planet to get a Facebook as my parents were highly against a site that would release information about myself to the internet. Quite frankly, I am grateful it took them so long to allow […]


Test post for #IS6621