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Tweets and Blogs and Surveys, Oh My!

Three months ago, I walked into Digital Business and Social Media not knowing what to expect.  While I was excited to be taking my first marketing course at BC, the expectations of this class were a bit frightening. As Professor Kane could see, my face on the very first day of class looked similar to […]

The Game Day of Online Shopping is Almost Here

If I had to choose my favorite time of the year, it would have to be the weeks leading up to the holidays.  Yes, this is in part because of the typical fall foliage, increased apple-baked goods, and my favorite food-filled holiday, Thanksgiving. In addition to these aforementioned reasons, however, is an additional “holiday” that […]

Netflix for Dresses: It’s time to Rent the Runway

Gone are the days when you could justify buying an expensive outfit because you will be “putting it to good use.”  Thanks to our society’s shifting culture and the widespread use of Instagram and Facebook, individuals are now facing a difficult decision when deciding what to wear.   Why?  Well, there are two main reasons. […]

It’s (Grub)Hub Week

Two weeks ago, I presented Grubhub to the class, an online and mobile food delivery service that has over 20% market share in the digital delivery market.  As promised, this follow-up blog post will give you an inside look into the resources available for Grubhub’s restaurants, as well as Grubhub’s key partnerships. Inside the Grubhub […]

Edmodo: How Social Media is Enhancing the Classroom Experience

Sixth grade, the year I finally changed school campuses, received my first locker and was finally given independence to walk in the hallway by myself.  A year of many firsts, that included signing up for my first social networking website on the very first day of class. Contrary to what you may have guessed, my […]

Please Yelp Me: How Restaurant Reviews Have Grown Considerably Thanks to the Digital Era

Out of the last 40 pictures on my IPhone’s camera roll, 30 of them are of food.  While this may sound excessive to some, it’s actually normal for my phone to have this many food pictures.   To some extent, this is because I am a self-proclaimed foodie, defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary as “a person having […]

The Next Chapter

When you read Puppygirl112897 what initially comes to mind? What may not make any clear sense to you, actually symbolizes a rite of passage in my life.  Puppygirl112897 was the first social media account that brought me into the world of social networking: the day my seemingly private life began to open up and allow […]