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The Necessity of Social Media (And Other Takeaways)

Given that I came out swinging with my first blog post of the semester titled ‘My Contempt for Social Media’, I thought it would only be fair to give credit where credit is due. Although I still cannot stand how much time we spend on our devices, transported to a digital universe of mindless scrolling, […]

Homegrown vs. Made in America: The Future of Tech in China

On November 15th, Tencent announced its ninth straight quarter of exceeding analysts’ revenue and profit estimates (70% profit growth over the last year’s quarter). The same goes for Alibaba, another Chinese tech company that has consistently beat analysts’ estimates. But analysts continuously give excuses as to why they miss the mark. They say that it’s […]

Tesla: The Future of Automobiles or a Ponzi Scheme Bubble About to Burst

I’m not going to lie, I’m one of the millions of Elon Musk fans out there. I’m very bought into all of his ideas and think that his tech companies play off each other rather nicely. But, if you’ve been following Tesla at all recently, you’ve noticed that it has not been living up to […]

Humans Need Not Apply

One of the closing statements last class was the question I posed to Prof. Kane: “Are there any jobs that you think are immune to automation?”. Without a doubt, this is nearly an impossible question to answer. The visiting professor stated her belief that robots could do anything besides love; if you’ve ever seen Spielberg’s […]

The Smart Speaker Wars

To me, one of the most perplexing tech products growing with momentum is the smart speaker. Before experiencing the product, my initial thoughts were “who would ever want to spend money on one of these things?”. I could not understand why someone would spend over $100 for a product that just does whatever your phone […]

TBH, you’ve never heard of the #1 app out right now: tbh

Remember Yik Yak, the anonymous posting app in which your posts went to a Twitter-like feed and were up-voted or down-voted by others in your area? While there were some funny posts, there were many that were targeted attacks on specific individuals posted behind the mask of anonymity. Now, imagine that someone created an app […]

My Contempt for Social Media

Not all bad… Social media has played a major role in delivering second by second news updates and providing an unprecedented platform of communication for those once in isolation. The best example of this is the part Twitter and Facebook played in the Arab Spring. A September 2011 study conducted by the University of Washington […]