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Surprise… I’m Twitter famous

All this time we’ve spent in Social Media & Digital Business together, and you had no idea. Yes, my fellow #IS6621 colleagues, it is true. I have had the distinct and honorable privilege of being recognized as one of the great influencers of social media as we know it, and now finally I am sharing […]

Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Digital Workforce

In June of 2015, Emily Concannon (BC ’15) and Professor Kane co-authored a blog detailing the expansive and progressive role that social media plays in incorporating more individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) into the workforce. This blog post outlines initiatives enacted by two large scale technology companies, Microsoft and SAP. In both cases, it is recognized […]


Crazes and trends that blow up on the internet overnight are nothing new. The power of the meme is nothing to be taken lightly, and speed-of-light information sharing has become the norm. In this digital age, transferring information is as easy as a click of a button. It is thanks to our current digital mode of […]

Digital Heartbreak

Have you ever opened up Youtube fulling intending on watching a single video, and somehow you find yourself giggling at cute babies-playing-with-puppies videos forty-five minutes later? If yes, then you are not alone. If not, then you are both seriously deprived of a whole lot of cuteness AND a liar. The black hole you enter while mindlessly clicking from one video […]

Clownin’ Around

Remember the good ole’ days when a plump man dressed in bright colors and silly face paint would create jungle animals from a balloon? Remember when these magical and friendly giants could manage to make even the grumpiest of five year olds giggle and smile? Unfortunately the innocent and lighthearted reputation clowns once enjoyed and profited from […]

Through the Grapevine

Have you ever been watching a Youtube video and noticed some not-so-subtle product placement within the content of the vid? Have you ever been catching up on your favorite Youtuber’s channel and noticed that they repeatedly bring up a name-brand product in a surprisingly rehearsed manner? If you find yourself nodding your head in reaction to […]

The Limit Does Not Exist

After only the first couple classes of Social Media and Digital Business, I feel as though I am discovering an entirely new way of looking at business that I had never previously considered. As a frequent producer of content on networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Spotify and (regrettably for a short stint during […]