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Amazon & Antitrust: How Big Is Too Big?

A couple weeks ago, I retweeted this article about Facebook’s plan to integrate its messaging platforms, and an Irish watchdog’s subsequent investigation. I initially questioned why it matters that they’re integrating the backends of the three platforms if Facebook already owns all three. Since then, I’ve been exploring the world of antitrust regulation, especially as […]

Breaking Up with Social Media

Of all the “wisdom” out there about relationships, there seems to be one, universal, capital-T Truth that no one in their right mind would disagree with: break-ups suck. They eat away at you from the inside out and try to rip you apart and it takes all your willpower to keep yourself in one piece […]

♫ Let’s Talk About Tech ♫

♫ Let’s talk about tech, baby. Let’s talk about IoT. Let’s talk about all the upsides and the downsides that may be. Let’s talk about tech. ♫ When I was going through the recruiting process for tech consulting at various firms, I would be asked in every single interview where my tech interest stemmed from. […]