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Social media is a platform with enormous potential for good, unfortunately it is often misused. Social media is a tool, and it should be used as such rather than as an extension of oneself and one’s personality. It is impossible to dismiss social media as something that is simply bad without also arguing that the […]

The Netflix Problem: Can Other Networks Even Compete?

  As I talked about in my blog last week, Netflix can help television shows increase their viewership by increasing the availability of the content. However, Netflix has also negatively affected traditional TV ratings because its functionality gives it some competitive advantages. Revenue Model Basic Cable (i.e. AMC, FX, etc.) and Broadcast Networks (i.e. FOX, […]


Two weeks ago I gave my presentation on Social TV, specifically how it has impacted AMC. There was just so much information on this topic, so I wanted to further explain some of the insights I garnered from my research. My takeaways were: 1. Use Social Media to Find an Audience. Finding an audience is […]

“I Don’t Remember… Let me Google It”

We all do it; ever since google became a verb, we turn to search engines for every little question. Our daily lives are so busy that we don’t have time to wait to remember things. We need answers, and we need them now. So we pull out our phones, type in our questions, and we […]

Is Technology Ruining Our Conversations?

Last week, Sherry Turkle wrote an opinion piece for the New York Times about how social media and technology is adversely affecting our ability to properly communicate with each other, and the implications it can have on children’s social development. She found that children and young adolescents are no longer developing a sense of empathy. […]

Does Anyone Like the “Dislike” Button?

Last Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook is starting development on a “dislike” button. The idea for the button is to allow Facebook users to have access to a broader range of emotional responses. Currently, Facebook only allows users to comment on or “like” a post, but Facebook believes that these two options are no […]

Initial Thoughts on Social Media

In my personal life, I have always tried to distance myself from social media. I avoided the new apps, and waited to sign up for new platforms until the last possible second, while secretly hoping they would go the way of MySpace. Throughout high school and college, I had seen social media at its worst: […]