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10,000 Facebook fans in 72 hours and final recap

I ran this campaign last week to partner in my boost to set up an ad that gets me on the phone with client at regular intervals. This was not an exercise in getting organic engagement. These likes were paid for in advertising and targeted a large audience. Day 1-Target Worldwide audience and exclude expensive […]

Committing to Social Media Every day

Since my top character strength is self regulation, discipline is a the core of me hitting stride or faltering. Interestingly, psychology has found two traits that predict success in a broad range of spheres. Intelligence and self control. Intelligence has been hard to show improved lasting change but self control can be improved anywhere. For […]

InfusionSoft and ME

I am hoping this new decision to work with InfusionSoft is the real deal. Like a green jacket moment in golf for small business owners that want to scale. It may seem silly to worry about fancy software, and in the past automation had been a buzzword that I would roll my eyes at. However […]

The one test that could change your life

I could write about my marketing funnel going out on Wednesday. The ad spend that I hope is worth it, the videos I made to go along with the soap opera email sequence, or even the freebies I created for my target audience. I would rather tell you about the test you can take that […]

The Marketing Trust variable-How influencers influence

A photo with Antonio from *This is a review of the Menfluential conference in Atlanta Antonio Centeno from RMRS ( has 1.7M youtube subscribers and started hosting a conference called “Menfluential” 4 years ago. He is the guy you want to market your product or learn key essentials to improve your image. Now, since […]

What is an entrepreneur?

“I am an entrepreneur” is a very complicated phrase to me. When I did an ironman and had a full time job in NYC that was entrepreneur-ish. When I pitched my 9-5 company to fund a non-profit that was entrepreneur-ish. Frankly, everyone can start a company and get an llc. What I would want to […]

And then I saw the light….

ABOUT THIS WEEK: Well let me just tell you it’s been an amazing week. Got a client. Got asked to a be on a guest podcast. WOW. Can you imagine? I literally paid this woman for good fortune. Faith baby. When I first stepped foot in this class I missed Prof Kane’s introduction. I sat […]

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