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It’s not Goodbye… It’s C U L8R

My experience in this class has been a truly transformative. Like many of my peers have already mentioned, I came into the course not expecting much– only to discuss the evils of facebook and my ‘instagram’ obsession. Of course, I was incredibly wrong. Normally, I hate to admit defeat, but the surprising nature of this […]

The Rise of Mobile Payments

This past weekend, saw the temperatures drop significantly and I begrudgingly pulled out my winter coat for the football game on Saturday night. There it lay at the back of my closet, bringing with it the memories of the snow filled winter our previous year. Nevertheless when I put it on, I reached into my […]

The Tattoo You Never Wanted

Professor Ransbotham’s class on data analytics two weeks ago left me with a great amount to think about. ‘Big Data’ has been a buzzword for the past few years, however it is only recently that I’ve began to understand the implications of it. Data Scientists are constantly improving their analytical methods and the granularity of […]

Why Movies want to be Your Friend!

Social Media has disrupted a range of industries. From fashion to food executives across the board have had to quickly adapt and change their marketing and promotional strategies. The movie industry has not been immune to these changes. It arguably has been one of the industries most exposed to the changes. Overall, it has adapted […]

Facebook Anonymous

Last week CNN published an article chronicling the behavior of teenagers surrounding social media. After @levboston‘s powerful blog post about the article and heated class discussion it sparked my interest in the severity of ‘Social Media Addiction’. It’s frequently used as a news headline or catchy tagline with claims such as ‘Can’t’ breathe without Wi-Fi’. […]

The Instagram Economy

Imagine earning six figures by pretending to watch TV or getting into a cab. For the lucky few of the Instagram ‘elite’ this is a reality. The rise of the Instagram economy has enabled bloggers to create a new industry where brands pay large sums to be featured in their posts. While many actors, models […]

My Dad Tried to Print A Video: Social Media’s Evolution

Last night before I went to bed, I was scrolling through my instagram feed and I came across this picture. Aside from its obvious humor the post encouraged me to reflect on what social media is today and how we currently adopt it. When the term social media is used today facebook, twitter, youtube etc. are […]