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The Music Industry Is Screwed

Musician’s ability to make money off of streaming services is something that is widely reported about and speculated upon. While exact payouts per play for songs are not made available by streaming services, several artists have released their financial statements to show just how cripplingly little they are actually receiving from streaming services. Every few […]

Digital Business in Small Business

Throughout the extent of our class to this point, we have talked about several different ways companies are utilizing emerging trends in digital business to improve their outlook in the future. We have talked about how important it is to stay on the cutting edge of new business trends, and to strive for digital maturity. […]

The Rise of the Athlete on Social Media

After watching the presentation in class on the Golden State Warriors Twitter account a few weeks ago, I found myself scrolling through my own Twitter feed and thinking about how my own favorite teams were trying to curate their own brand online. What I found more interesting than my favorite teams, however, was how my […]

I Know Nothing

Before driving back to Boston for the semester, I went out to dinner for one last time with all of my family members. As it was right before the start of school, my parents, grandmother, aunt, etc. peppered me with all the usual “back to school” questions, the most notable of which being the inevitable […]

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