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u there? kk c u l8r!

s8rboi95: wu? dancergrl5678: nmu? s8rboi95: jc. Ah, a typical conversation between 7th and 8th graders using AIM. How intellectual. If you can’t follow along, Pure Talk USA has you covered with their cheat sheet of the texting lingo. All of this was really emphasized with the popular Cingular commercial that many know as “idk my […]

Documenting Every “PASTAble” Moment Abroad Through Social Media

Did you ever really go abroad if you didn’t post about it everywhere you PASTAbly could? Ha, see what I did there? While I was abroad in Italy in the Spring of 2017, I found myself consistently assuring others “I Promise, This Picture is Actually Real.” Social media and apps were part of my abroad […]

My Struggle with Addiction

One Mississ – Buzzzzzz!!! – Ugh. Let’s try that again. One Miss – Beep beep!!! Seriously? Can I get through one second without – Riiiiiing! Clearly not. My name is Brittany, I am 21 years old and I have been addicted to social media for seven years. As my mom always asks when I’m home […]

Test Post

Test post!