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Social Media from a Student-Athlete’s Prospective – Presentation Blog

Social Media from a Student-Athlete’s Prospective – Presentation Blog  This last blog post is dedicated to my classmates and Professor Kane. First off, thank you all so much for being an awesome group of people to spend my last semester with. This class was well structured. I enjoyed listening to my peers and being enlightened […]

Final Reflection – Social Media in the Palm of My Hand

Final Reflection on Social Media It is unbelievable that the end of the semester is here. As I sit here and write this final blog reflection all I can honestly think about is my future and what is to come next. Personally, I have had one exhausting and rigorous semester … but no worries, you […]

The Light Law – Social Media Campaign – Good or Bad Strategy?

Social Media Campaign – The Light Law Even though I am not a resident of the state of Massachusetts, I would be upset if I was pulled over for the new Light law policy. On April 5, the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles and Massachusetts Department of Transportation launched a social media campaign to inform […]

Snapchat Is Taking Over!!!

Snapchat has officially taken over. I woke up this morning at 7:00am to get ready for my bus ride back to NYC and received a text message from my friend saying, “There was a building explosion in NY.” I replied with saying “Well that’s not good.” I took my phone and Googled the incident using […]

8 Ways Facebook Is A Detriment To Relationships

Shaking my head…. Eight things that you are doing on or because of Facebook that could damage your marriage or relationship are as follows: You’re checking Facebook on your phone, instead of talking to your spouse You care more about what other people post than what your spouse does. You’re not liking your loved one’s […]

Social Media Giving Professional Athletes Powerful Platform

Here is another article where professional athletes are standing up for what they believe in. My previous blog with Marshawn Lynch discussed his views (or lack of) on social media and the press. Shifting gears from a star athlete who had very little to say to the press, this article focuses on professional athletes who […]

Marshawn Lynch and the Media

Marshawn Link articles – Check it out!!! NFL Mulls Fine for Marshawn Lynch Marshawn Lynch Already Explained Why He Hates Talking to the Media Marshawn Lynch’s quiet power behind Seahawk’s Super run As Super Bowl XLIX approaches, Marshawn Lynch had little to say for media day. Recently, the Seahawk’s National Football team […]