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Whisper harnesses the power of anonymity to create a judgment free social network that is going viral

Whisper, the anonymous secret sharing social network that aims to connect people through shared experiences, is rapidly growing its user base and attracting the attention of both big VC’s and the tech community. The Santa Monica based startup has already raised $24 million in venture funding from some of the largest west coast investors including […]

Three takeaways on social media

In my final thoughts on social media, I decided to focus on my three key takeaways from the class. These are by no means my final thoughts on the subject as I will constantly be altering and adopting my personal social media strategy to adjust to the ever-evolving social media landscape. Instead these are guidelines […]

Corporate VCs on the rise

Over the past few years Corporate Venture Capital funds (CVCs) have been on the rise, as more large corporations dedicate capital to venture capital arms to invest their money. Corporate venture capital funds have been around since the advent of venture capital, as large corporations explored investing in startups. The prominence of CVCs has historically […]

The Startup Demo Day

As a continuing follow-up to my theme on fundraising for startups in the aftermath of Title II passing I’ve decided to blog about one of the longstanding fundraising mechanisms that start-ups use to raise money: The Demo Day. Demo Day’s are conferences where startups have the chance to pitch their business to venture capitalists, angel […]

General Solicitation and how it will impact VCs

Since Title II passed a few weeks ago countless angel investors, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists have weighed in on how general solicitation is going to change the way start-ups raise money, penning blogs posts and tweeting comments, which suggest that venture capital and fundraising have changed forever. Numerous angels and entrepreneurs have lauded the changes, […]

The Social Media Monster

Before diving into my initial thoughts on social media I want to quickly note the reasons I did not discuss this topic in my first blog post. My reasons for holding off are twofold: First, on the heels of Evan Spiegel’s interview and presentation at TechCrunch Disrupt SF I wanted to blog about Snapchat’s new […]

Snapchat explores ways to monetize and add new features

At the TechCrunch Disrupt conference on September 9, 2013, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel announced that Snapchat users share an average of 350 million self-destructing messages a day. This figure is up from an average of 150 million daily photos shares in April, representing 483% growth in just over six months.[1] Snapchat’s viral growth enabled the […]

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