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Not So Final Thoughts

Although I didn’t mention it in my first blogpost, my actual initial thought was really “wow there is no expensive textbook for this course, that’s fantastic.” Aside from saving money by taking MI621 Social Media For Managers, I realized that there is no textbook, literal or metaphorical, that can encompass what social media is and […]

How I Paid Some Guy in India $1 to Do My Homework

After an intriguing class discussion last month and reading Michael Andrews’ recent blog post about crowdsourcing, I became interested in Amazon’s microtasking service called Mechanical Turk. After exploring the site and creating an account, I realized its profound power and respective consequences. Rather than telling you about it though, I decided to pay someone else […]

Chirpify and Hashtag Commerce

One of the biggest challenges the social media giants face today is capturing mobile advertising dollars. With more and more users switching their surfing hours from computers to mobile devices, Facebook, Twitter and others are having difficulty growing mobile revenues. This is because mobile ads command fewer dollars than other ads because they are less […]

Don’t Count Out Google+ Just Yet

In a world where Facebook has become the Kleenex of social networking, all other social media sites seem to be vying for second place. Facebook leverages its network externalities and brand name to lure new users and it facilitates high switching costs to retain existing users. Even if better alternatives existed, you would still join Facebook […]

What Is Twitter Verification Anyway?

As discussed in class, the anonymity of social media can be one of its strongest features and biggest detriments. Anonymity opens the space for honest and repercussion-free dialogues, but those same components can also leave the space exposed to harassment, criticism and even crime. While we have a general idea of which social services offer […]

What’s in it for me? Why Professors Teach MOOCS

MOOCs, or Massive Open Online Courses are a growing trend in higher education. These free, web-based courses are rapidly breaking down financial, geographic and demographic barriers to higher education. They are designed to reach millions of users who otherwise would not have access to college courses. The most prominent provider of MOOCs, Coursera, was founded […]

3 Accounts 1 Jimmy

With the start of the school, year I’ve reflected on my social media use and I’ve realized I’m completely disorganized. With Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter as viable options to communicate with friends, I really have no organizational structure to how I use them. Most dauntingly however, is my creation of two new Twitter accounts. In addition […]